Is this for real! its only been on 5 mins and its so one sided with a fat reject saying all sorts of crap with some ragheads after cash! Or is it just me? :x
Whole heartedly agree, the timing of this report is tonk and it is one sided, not really telling us anything new,just some disgruntled ex tommies getting their 5 mins. It's unproven and I did not pay my TV license to watch us get a slagging, oh yeah.....................i don't pay my TV license! Wnakers!

We don't need this! Thanks Jeremy Vine - cock end!

Once it is over I ll have something more constructive to say! For now - SPLEEN!
waste of 30 mins - nowt new, allegations and now I m going to watch 'The Palace' on ITV, way more bloody realistic that BBC reporting but not before I ve tied myself, blinded folded myself and thrown myself around the room - and blamed the British Army!

Obviously I don't have anything sensible to say.....................SPLEEN!
Watched to the end even though I don't know why .. another 30 mins wated out of my life!) and have never seen such a load of innuendo and slanted reporting in my life. Complete Bollox .... so much for our independent public service broadcaster - AGAIN!!!!!

Why does Vine manage to look so fecking smug and so get on my tits even more???

I'm totally wound up by the left wing 'meeja' getting their jollies by slagging of soldier!!!

Rant over ........... but not the anger!! :x
The first 10 minutes was dedicated to setting the scene, with the British Army as 'Bad Guys' and torturers. It cleverly crafted a fistory of abuse from a 1972 edict that the 'Big Five' techniques were not to be used and then made a significant 'DR WHO' feckin time jump to 2004 and a group of Iraqi's who obviously forgot to mention it at the time of their release.

It completely glossed over the Battle of 'Danny Boy', no mention of the bravery awards, no mention of the bayonet charge; in fact in my opinion this was as about as objective and impartial a piece of reporting and editing as the finding of a BBC complaints Panel report/decision.

Complete tosh and a shame Vine allowed himself to front it.

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