Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by crabby, Mar 19, 2006.

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  1. Have been watching panorama on BBC. Lots of thoughts but the main one for me is Captain Holmes who is shown who later died in Iraq. A profesional soldier, articulate, intelligent, good at his job and killed by some coward with a bomb. If anything it shows the quality of our armed forces and their mission, which on the level of a soldier, people have to realise is purely to safeguard the security and safety, including that of iraqi civilians.
    It's depressing and sad.

    Rest in peace Captain Holmes and Private Ellis

    Lest we forget
  2. I'm watching it now, the very fact that two of the soldiers were filmed 30mins before they died makes it truly depressing. R.I.P.
  3. As I posted first the program was still running. One more point is a fitting and moving tribute at the end to the soldiers and the correspondant attached truely supporting our men and women out there. It was an open and honest program in my opinion and I wish more people writing in newspapers and making tv programs could be as inciteful.
  4. I've just watched it too. It brought tears to my eyes when the Capt said that the locals were mainly very friendly and 30 mins later he was dead.

    Sensible journalism for once. I thought she did a good job.
  5. Jut a thought: did the female journo's style of delivery remind anyone else of Kate Adie?
  6. What a good programme - if only more hacks could produce sensible, articulate and accurate product like that.
  7. No.

    I noted the body armour worn by Pte Ellis: was this an issue vest? Looked more like the Interceptor to me.

    RIP, gents.
  8. A balanced view - RIP guys
  9. Rest in peace Captain Holmes and Private Ellis

    You died because British government failed to win a war for hearts and minds in Iraq.
  10. i think the tide is turning at the BBC.

    i believe they are truly getting behind 'our boys' and showing the forces in the most positive manner....well in as much as the BBC ever will
  11. I watched the programme with no great hope for ,what turned out to be , a great balanced piece on the problems experienced and the strain all our guys and girls work under in Iraq and elsewhere.
    Stunningly poignant that not half an hour later an articulate competent and open minded soldier was dead after giving the interviewer a balanced and well thought out briefing on the area and problems they might have there.
    Yes, I believe that the tide of journolistic reporting is turning, however they still saw fit to show the aftermath,and not the prelude, to the Iraqi civilians getting a beating, which in all honesty they were unlucky to get , but luckier not to have been shot at or worse killed had their own security forces been at the riot.
    Great respect to the families of the 2 soldiers killed for allowing the footage of their fallen to be shown.
    R.I.P guys
  12. I started watching it expecting the usuall Panorama rubbish with skewed view-points and rhetoric. I was genuinely surprised as it turned into a balanced and thoughtfull look life from everyone's point of view out there. This is the kind of journalism that the British public needs to see more often. My hat is off to the producers of the programme and its crew and presenter, for a job well done.

    On a personal note, it was increadibly sad to see 2 proffesional young men at the top of their game giving excellent acounts of themselves and the firm only to be cut down doing a job they obviously felt a passion for and by the very people they were there to help. May they rest in peace eternally and may their scarfice not be in vain..........................

  13. It made me cry

    Rest in peace Captain Holmes and Private Ellis

    A balance point of view
  14. It's on the panorama website right now for anyone who missed it. I cried and I don't usually cry.
  15. I'm pleased there is a thread on this. I watched it last night and was saddened with the two untimely deaths but also more positive about the light in which the Army was protrayed by Corbin. If I remember rightly isn't she a bit of a whizz on the whole Iraq thing having written a couple of books or something.
    The BBC should be doing more pieces like this, stating the facts with straight down the middle reporting.

    Again, on a more personal note RIP to Holmes and Ellis