Panorama Tonight, Give Us Your DNA - Poll Included

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Sven, Sep 24, 2007.

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  1. DOCUMENTARY: Panorama
    On: BBC 1 North (101)
    Date: Monday 24th September 2007 (starting this evening)
    Time: 20:30 to 21:00 (30 minutes long)

    Give Us Your DNA.
    Someone is added to the DNA database every minute, including people who haven't been charged with any offence. It can solve crimes and free the innocent. So shouldn't all of us now be on the database whether we like it or not, or should we pull back? Vivian White investigates.


    See what happened to Ray Easton, detained and accused of carrying out a burglary - even though He had advanced Parkinsons disease!!
  2. only in england and wales mate.
    the scots system takes it ,and destroys it if you aint found guilty.
    so their database is of the guilty only.
  3. I do hate the usual 'pro taking DNA' argument which is usually "if you haven't done anything you have nothing to worry about".

    That simple is it? This computer system to hold all the information that is built and operated by human beings will be completely perfect will it, with no chances that input clerks could be bribed or plain old mistakes made?

    If I haven't done anything then I shouldn't have to prove that I haven't by providing DNA. If there is a strong enough suspicion that I have then there are procedures in place whereby they can take DNA, but if at a later date I am proved innocent then that DNA should be destroyed.
  4. In the same way that few jews put their religion down on any gov census ... the cnuts aint getting my dna without a fight - thank the gods for being a scot!
    Putting everyones dna on a database given this govts record on computer projects would just mean you were possibly guilty of everything all the time - database corruption, contaminated samples, data entry errors, fraud, organized criminal activity ... it would finish this country's vague belief that the legal system actually works.
    Even the govt own think tank think the idea is a bad one but this time its not just going to be a few billion given out wrongly in benefits ... innocent people are likely to have their lives ruined for yet another Stalinist sized scheme for control of the population.
  5. I know this will sound a little paranoid, but say we did have everyone's DNA on the Database and it sits there for years on end, helping to catch criminals, how much does it cost to maintain the system? Over the years this thing will be come a black hole for budgets, as apart from catching criminals, it will have no economic output. Future governments decide to try and recoup a little of their costs and decide to sell off the information, to the highest bidders, who then has access to it? Insurance Companies, lawyers, genetic researchers?

    Ask yourself, do you really want your personal information to be abused? With the amount of identity theft, leading to bank accounts being cleaned out and other such crimes, in addition to the technological slide towards biometrics for identification, we could be settting ourselves up for a fall. And I for one do not want anything to do with it.

  6. The country is fastly becoming a police state and don't let the politicians tell you otherwise.The majority of New Labour are old commies within and they believe in the fundamental ideas of communism,keep the people under control and confused, that way we can run the country the way we want it.
  7. The public may argue as much as it wants to, demonstrate as much as it wants to, object as often as it likes. At worst, it will not be listened to while at best, it will be listened to and the ignored. The DNA database will be added to on a compulsory basis not to herald the start of a totalitarian state, it exists and it is growing because the totalitarian state is already here despite the assertion of many that it is not!

    The arguments are sound but they are now irrelevant because they have been overtaken by reality. You can vote in or vote out whichever government you choose - you will still be compelled to provide your DNA.

    Britain is a single-ideology totalitarian state and has been for some time. Those who inhabit it's shores have, for the most part, simply failed to appreciate it's existence or it's extent!
  8. Me too. One reason it's a silly argument is because of the sheer amount of law now on the books. British and (now) European politicians have been legislating frantically for hundreds of years. So if the state wants to find something on you, it can. Everyone will have broken some law. There's too much of the stuff not to broken a bit of it.

    The old English definition of a "right" was: anything the law does not expressly forbid. And you kept laws to a minimum to preserve the biggest possible area of natural rights and freedom. All that's going as the politicians slice away at it.

    Needless to say, the British left is hopeless on the subject. With a few honourable exceptions such as Tony Benn, Paul Foot (RIP), Edward Thompson (RIP) and Bob Marshall-Andrews, they couldn't give a toss.
  9. Is that not the difference between our legal system and the Napoleonic Code? Over 'there' things are illegal unless expressly permitted, over here, it's the reverse?

    Or am I talking bollox?
  10. Bang on AWOL.
  11. What. the 'bollox' part? :)
  12. You're spot on. A Napoleonic Code tells you what you're allowed to do. Anything not on the list is illegal. The British system defines what you can't do. Everything else is a right or a freedom. I’m very pro-European but whenever a UKIP-type stops frothing about straight bananas for a moment, and makes that point, I listen. I wish they’d do so more often.
  13. Of course not the "bollox" bit :D
  14. Worse than that, far worse. In their self-deluded belief that they know exactly how everyone should behave, and it is their duty to make that conformity happen, many on the current left are more behind this kind of authoritarianism than the usual, spit flecked Michael Howardesque suspects on the right.

    As Iolis says, this is a single ideology totalitariansim. All those who rail at Liberty and Shami Chakrabati on here would do well to realise that she is one of the few who oppose the Thought Police policies of New Labour.

    I mean - how could anyone come up with the term 'Hate Crime' and not think of Big Brother?
  15. Amen. But it's not just New Labour. The Tories 1979-1997 had an appalling civil liberties record.