Panorama tonight 22.45 DST

Deepcut investigated....

X-Files on BBC2 ....or have I got the 2 mixed up :-/

Oh, and that Carrier documentary was pretty good too


Sorry M8 - you can't have cake & eat it - this is the same organisation reporting on the fantastic work being carried out by Fresco, or maybe after Panorama you no longer believe that either ?
JOKE oh sorry Jake!!

Panorama is renouned for being anti establishment especially against the Army-I don't disagree with the programmes findings and hope they are followed up to the full, but you are very misguided if you think that Journo's on Panorama are the same as what we read in our papers everyday!!!! ;D


Bell - Just to be clear, I am not anti-army in anyway, what I am against is lazy journos trotting out pro government spin & portraying it as 'fact', Fresco is not a success it is 'coping' (just).

LOL - "Joke" - I liked that ! - Reasoned debate, can't beat it........

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