Panorama Taking on the Taliban reporter Ben Anderson on BFBS


Ben Anderson, the reporter on Panorama - Taking on the Taliban: The Soldiers' Story, will be on BFBS Reports on BFBS1 on Monday, 12th Nov, at 1830CET and repeated at 2015, 0215, 0815 and 1415CET on BFBS2.

Those in the UK will be able to watch the interview online from 1900GMT on Monday at

When we asked Ben to come on BFBS Reports, he said he'd been so well looked after by the Grenadier Guards, it was the very least he could do to come in to talk on BFBS TV, and was thrilled that the programme was being shown to British Forces in Afghanistan.

The Panorma programme itself will be shown on:

BFBS1: 2050 CET Tuesday 13th November (20 past midnight Afghan time)
BFBS2: 2240 CET Saturday 17th November, and repeated at 1040 CET on the Sunday (which is 1410 local Afghan time)


Unfortunately Ben's been called away on assignment, so won't be on BFBS Reports tonight, but we hope to get him on later in the week.
BFBS said:
Ben Anderson will be interviewed on BFBS Reports tonight, in less than an hour.

All other info same as above.
Do you have a web link I can listen or watch it on? I enjoyed his programme and am interested in his "take" on things.
Morning Perturbed,

Just follow the link in my first post in this thread and you can watch it online.

PM me if you have any trouble.

Thanks to Perturbed for PMing me that the link in my first post in this thread didn't work. Sorry about that

If you want to watch the interview with Ben Anderson on last night's BFBS Reports, go to

click on the BFBS Reports button on the left

then click on Watch BFBS Reports


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