Panorama / Stockwell shooting.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by india-juliet, Mar 8, 2006.

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  1. What a disgrace. I only had to watch half an hour of the reconstruction of the De Menezes shooting to realise what a Fcuk up the Met Police made of this.

    "Tango 10" The military surveilence officer could not give a confirmed ID of De Menezes as he went to take a leak and the equipment he was watching him on outside he's flat failed.

    The Special Branch Officers confirmed that the real suspect Hussain Osman was De menezes!!. Big difference between a white & dark chap.

    Assistant Commissioner Steve House when questioned about events gave the Martin McGuinness approach, go all around the houses but still dont give an answer.

    The Senior Officer in Charge that Day Cressida Dick should be held accountable, so should Commissioner Blair.

    The Israeli's can detect a suicide bomber at a checkpoint, make him strip & cut away the explosive belt he's wearing & arrest him without one single shot fired. Take a leaf out of there book Commissioner Blair.
  2. Different rules when the bombs are in London.
  3. Fuckup lies with Special Branch. No supprise there.

  4. Did you not see that bit? The Israelis shot the guy 8 times in the head. And if this had been a bombing incident and we had 20 more body bags including a few police officers the same people would come under flak for not shooting the bomber!
  5. dan-man says
    But he wasn't a bomber, he didn't look like a bomber, he didn't answer the suspects description, he wasn't challenged - he was innocent.

    The prats from SB even missed his head with two rounds at point blank range. Squaddies spend years waiting to be tried for murder as a result of situations when they are being shot at. SB balls it up and they are heroes, I guess we know where Bliar's loyalty lies
  6. Didn't see it but after one specific panorama program I started taking what it said with a LARGE pinch of salt as it was spouting absolute crap
  7. Well its a bit silly to judge the situation off a BBC documentery, they are known to be full of shit when it comes to accurate reporting, as seen in the sandpit.

    Why don't you just wait until the report is published and people have been to court. Why try and make decision off half a story?

    He should not be answering questions about the incident anyway because its not been to court yet and he could be putting the investigation at risk.

    The poor lad is just as much a victim of terrorism as the people killed on the tube trains and the bus that day.

    I didn't see any other families of the victims on the documentary.....
  8. The thing that annoys me about this squalid affair is the blatant lie spouted by Ian Bliar that he didn't know the exact details until some time after the incident! Really? You mean to tell me that someone was mistakenly topped (in a violent and very public way) by several armed coppers in the nation's capital - on a high security alert status, and the Head Shed wasn't informed for nearly a day? The bloke's a fcuking arrse, a disgrace to the uniform, and should resign. But the words ‘resign’ and ‘Bliar’ are not really synonymous with each other are they? Heads should roll over this. If it was some squaddie he'd be hung out to dry.
  9. Off course Commisioner Blair was telling the truth! Commander Cressida Dick had it all under control (NOT) !!!! Your right, had any squaddie done this then he would have been hung out to dry.
  10. Blair2's not a copper. He's a fcuking social-worker in uniform. He should be booted now - and lets promote some vetran who has spent the last 10-15 years on the front lines. The biggest police force in the world should be run by a real copper, not a politician.
  11. IMHO I think it is only right that the Firearms Officers on the ground are NOT held accountable. However, by the same Principle, soldiers deployed on operations to hostile enviroments should not be presecuted either!!

    TCB..please note the double standards you are endorsing!!!

  12. My thought exactly - consistency is the key
  13. Although the report has not beeb published yet I bet that ti reccommends charges for everyone involve not just the senior officers. The IPCC should be likened to the SIB!
  14. I saw the programme. Alot of it boiled down to their comms, which were rubbish. They couldn't ID the guy properly and then once they'd gone in to the underground system they couldn't call it off no matter what, as their comms didn't work. Therefore the guy was dead as soon as he entered the underground.

    Agree with AF, the guys on the ground aren't accountable. Goes further up the CoC.

  15. You would have thought if they were following suspects and a possibility was that the Underground was to be used, then why didnt they use radios borrowed by the British Transport Police that do work on every part of the LUL Network!!