Panorama prompts war probe calls


The government is facing renewed calls for a full judicial inquiry into its decision to go to war with Iraq.
It follows Wednesday night's Panorama programme, on BBC One, which contained a previously unseen interview with the late weapons expert Dr David Kelly.

Dr Kelly said Iraq could deploy weapons of mass destruction within days or weeks, rather than the 45 minutes mentioned in a government dossier.

The Conservatives said the interview reinforced the case for a full inquiry.

Tory defence spokesman Michael Ancram said Dr Kelly's comments in the interview "do place his views at odds with those presented in the government's September dossier".

It was a "great shame" that the remarks had not been presented publicly as evidence to the Hutton inquiry into the arms expert's death, he said.

Did anyone else see this last night? It looked like the BBC gave themselves a slap and hung Gilligan out to dry , then turned to the meat of the matter , handing the Government a kicking, and sticking to their guns.

Overall , not a bad bit of telly, but not sure it will be enough to get a full judicial enquiry.

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