Panorama - Monday evening - Scientology controversy

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by frenchperson, May 13, 2007.

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  1. 8:30 pm Monday night
    Scientology and Me: Reporter John Sweeney travels to LA to investigate the Church of Scientology and look into some of the more sinister allegations made by former members.

    Clip here of John Sweeney losing it with a cult member:

    Can't say I blame him as he was harassed continually by Scientology emptyheads during the making of the programme. He must regret it I suppose. Maybe the programme will shed some light on how far he got pushed.
  2. Whilst I loathe those scientology weirdos, he is a reporter for the BBC, they are supposed to be objective and balanced, not to mention British , what happened to the stiff upper lip.

    To me it just shows how far the BBC have fallen.

  3. He is accused of religous hatred.................. Here

  4. The Arrogant twat was saying "I am A British a Subject; we do things differently in my country. Loudly gobbing off in the US and stakling people.

    Seems to me this BBC reporter is a ..

  5. Scientology has attracted a good many highly intelligent adherents over the years - people with acute, sceptical brains - and I've never been able to discover why it has had that success.

    Perhaps this Panorama will enlighten us.
  6. I agree. This looks like a man at the end of his tether, and possibly extremely worried about the safety of his friends and family. It seems the Scientology kkkult knows how to harass undesirables - or 'lapsed' members for that matter.
  7. He set out to harrass the weirdos and they turned the table on him. :D
  8. I would hope that he had set out to investigate the alleged weirdos.

    Their reported reaction would seem to confirm their alleged weirdness, but one should wait to see the programme before forming opinions.
  9. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Like who?
  10. I know of a former SNCO in my own Bn. who after retirement somehow got involved with Scientology in London. I'm told he handed over thousands of pounds to them and, despite having always been a staunch Mess member and pretty well Army barmy, has completly dropped off the map and hasn't been seen or heard of for years. He'd been injured in an IRA attack a short time before he retired (remember the attacks on recruiting staff?) and I suspect was probably suffering from PTSD making him, I would imagine, susceptible to something like this. religion my ar*e, it's a money-making scam and a cult at best!
  11. No, No, No

    It's all true I tell you. Naughty galactic overlords, soul catchers and frozen space aliens dropped into volcanoes - it's all real.

    If you don't believe me, just watch the explanatory video kindly made by the producers of South Park (warning: contains some potentially libelous stuff about Tom Cruise. Outrageous in my opinion. Just because he made gay porn like Top Gun early in his career doesn't mean he actually is gay).

  12. Tee hee!! TOP link that. Had me in fits of giggles and my stomach is hurting. Mrs FP had to help me up off the floor.

    South Park has it spot on. I wonder if Tom has seen this particular episode. The Thetan thespians seem a trifle touchy, and I expect he'd be reaching for the phone rather quickly. Somebody needs to define to these people the difference between 'religion' and 'cult'. L Ron Hubbard most certainly falls into the latter and was patently 'away with the mixer.'

    There's a multitude of whacky reasons not to join, but the fact that you need mountains of cash to plough into the cause is the most compelling.
  13. Have a look at :

    The "lapsed" or "ex" category contains more heavyweights, IMHO; but it is a fairly impressive lineup of 20th century people, especially in the creative arts.

    I'm intrigued to know why it appeals/ed to them, as intelligent people.
  14. Caubs. There are too many actors and creative arts bods in there to give it much credence. People who pretend for a living; live under a spotlight and throw everything into that may well be 'intelligent' people. But the more famous they become, the more they're forced to move around in smaller and smaller circles; believe their own publicity and start disappearing up their own arrseholes (Tom Cruise is a prime example). I don't think they can readily check into the real world - and turn into perfect fodder for the cult of Scientology. What better targets? Rich, ego-driven, searching for some kind of nirvana or perfection of mind and body.

    I was surprised by Nancy Cartwright (who I'd always assumed to have her feet firmly on the ground) and Leonard Cohen, The Incredible String Band, JD Salinger and Aldous Huxley as lapsed members. I can only assume they must have tried it and ditched it quickly!
  15. Knowing that the voice of Bart Simpson is an official wierdo makes me very unhappy!