Panorama - Church of Scientology

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by ArseyMO, May 14, 2007.

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  1. Just watching the programme, what do you think?

    Apparently if we slag it off they'll start following us around - great, I need a few friends :D
  2. I wish the BBC would be as critical of more deserving targets, such as Sinn Fein/IRA.

    They have followed us too fella, but we didnt get away with being talked over.
  3. Bugger missed it, was it any good?
  4. They are a cult. Ooh, I'm scared now.

    What a bunch of idiots. Can we summon up a moronic septic from across the pond to put their case? If they are as organised as they make out they have a sleeper watching this thread right now....
  5. Not suprised the interviewer lost his rag at the end . Certainly a bunch of weirdos .
  6. Done in that BBC Panorama way that doesn't really give you hard details, ala so many "Documentaries" that we've come to love about ourselves.

    However they came across as a F*cking weird bunch - don't call them cult or they'll beam you up, the bit where the BBC reporter lost it with the sceptic was quality.
  7. A mate of mine was accosted by them in brum recently, they got some bird to tap him up and take a 'personality test'.

    Funnily enough the test results revealed he would benefit from doing one of their brainwashing courses.

    He fecked them off though. When he told me i showed him the banned southpark episode about them and they had asked him the same questions as they do on the show.

    Bunch of money grabbing scifi freaks if you ask me.
  8. What's this about the show, first I've heard, now I'm interested, you start banning South Park your asking for it in my book.
  9. Also,

    If we are discussing it on ARRSE, does that mean they'll try and ge us banned??
  10. No, he's rubbish. And a coward. He's a Happy Shopper Roger Cook-years after Cookie's style of confrontational nonsense was discredited. And now we have come back full circle with provocative, sh*t stirring 'journalism'.

    This blighters take on 'Russian booze makes you yellow' had more yawning logical/chronological gaps than a jack 'o lantern. He had his agenda before he left UK. And taking lazy swipes at easy targets.....

    Donal Mac-git
    Andrew Gilligan-git
    Jimbo Fatty Sweeney-git

    Journo 1 0 1-investigate, establish the truth of story, report it. Otherwise, stay at home. We want to hear the story not the flatulence of the story teller. You gits.
  11. That Tommy fella looked like a 60's Hollyood CIA Goon. And he kept literally getting in the BBC chaps face. I'm surprised that he didn't cop for one. They are a bunch of weirdo's and that Thetan sh1te just isn't even in the universe of possibility.
  12. The very fact that he was harrassed, followed and spied upon was the story, if the Scientologist hadn't been so agressive in attacking him he would be left with something mysterious instead of something bloody sinister. The Scientologist shot themselves in the foot.
  13. That Tommy Davis fella was in dire need of a shoeing, i fail to see where Mr Sweeny has to apologise. On the contrary, he showed great restraint!! The only reason this this CULT is so high profile is because its patronised by Hollywood stars, and we all know how pampered, weird, and fcuked up the majority of those are. If it wasnt for them, it wouldn't seem to have as much support or power.