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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by woodandy3, Jul 27, 2009.

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  1. interesting panorama on now bbc1 !!??
  2. Any details?
  3. I feel I don't need to watch it now, thanks to the amazing in depth description by Woodandy3.
  4. Its a good programme if you want to scream at the TV!!!!!!
    Im half cut and the wife aint in, So I can scream as much as I like!
  5. sorry for the brief description i was watching it!! ok lack of description!

    £400,000 for a teacher who has PTSD because she had a fall out with her school!! disgusting when you look at the amount our lads get when injured in sandy places!!
  6. I hope she chokes, fcukin disgrace

  7. just saw the bit about a headteacher who had been awarded over £400,000 for PTSD, now as you are all aware that this thread is going to go the full circle about PTSD and the armed forces - mainly the compensation issue for injured forces personnel. Some of which are facing at having there injuries claims cut by up to 70% and therefor setting a presedence for the rest if this is allowed to take place.

    Now as we are aware there will be individuals who will make remarks that we volunteered to join the forces but individuals such as the said headtheacher were not forced into doing there job were they. All that we want is fair treatment, however this is more than unlikely to happen because being in the forces individuals are not permitted to speak out to the media (which i agree with as there are individuals who would just make silly remarks, make a fool of themselves and embarrass the services as a whole) unlike the general public who are allowed to approach the media concerning their situation and who also have the backing of unions etc.

    Now that i have whinged its someone elses turn. :roll:
  8. After Panorama finished Sky3 showed "dangerous sea creatures" - opening with film footage of a girl habving her leg ripped off by a great white shark. Now that would probably give you PTSD ........ 8O
  9. mmmmm a one legged girl
  10. blood boiling programme....if PTSD is about POST TRAUMATIC STRESS, where was the trauma in a religious debate which left a head teacher unable to work, strikes me as a bit of the race card being reversed to a degree.

    Low impact RTC which left a nurse unemployed and on walking sticks beggars belief.

    As I have previously stated on numerous PTSD threads, the worst has yet to come for the amount of service and ex service PTSD claims.

    I find it hard to find a suitable closure for this post because the programme content has left me bewildered at the amount a civilian can claim for tosh, yet the TRUE sufferers seem to get well and truly fecked over for a few quid added on to their war/disability pension.
  11. In the present climate there's no way on earth that the Government will give large payouts to soldiers. To keep on par with what civvies get it would cost them hundreds of millions. We are also scum compared to civvies.