Panorama and the Muslim Council of Britain

Panorama...........Fair or Not

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Well no-one else has so far, so I thought I'd start off.............

Didn't come out al that well for our Left Bending Friends in Multiculturasm did it. The journo stuck to his guns and did'nt allow himself to be sidetracked by 'outside' issues at least!

How evasive can you be? ..............Sir 'Apologist' gave a fine example of a rearguard action.
I found the whole Panorama programme quite disturbing. Methinks we're sleepwalking in to an absolute social nightmare - and I'm finding I'm disliking this bunch by a significant percentage as every day passes.
Letterwritingman said:
How evasive can you be? ..............Sir 'Apologist' gave a fine example of a rearguard action.
I thought that Sir Iqbal Sacranie was worryingly evasive, especially given that he is supposedly very much part of the mainstream (peerage etc). I think that it is deeply objectionable that a so-called 'pillar of the community' can be seen to condone suicide bombers by refusing to condemn the use of suicide bombers by Hamas without linking it to the Israeli actions.

A comment from the MCB Website reads "I was saddened and upset by the Panorama programme last night and felt appalled by the media journalism shown by Ware. The whole thread running through the documentary was inflammatory and hair splitting". What is "hair splitting" about asking someone to condemn suicide bombers, unreservedly and without equivocation?
Very interesting the way the MCB has been accepted as the "Mainstream" voice of the Muslim community. From the programme's evidence, it seems that the MCB is nothing less than a catch-all pressure group, with an aim of advancing the aims of ANY muslim agenda. Whilst Ware and many of his interviewees went to great lengths to emphasise the MCB's less controversial "good works", promoting multiculturalism etc, the fact is that it's also cheerleading Hamas, and supporting clerics extolling the virtues of dying for a handful of raisins in the name of Allah, not to mention promoting the self- apartheid of not mixing with Kafir. And this is the mainstream? I sincerely hope not.
Well I don't see multiculturalism as a 'good work', as it is tantamount to apartheid. Let people mix, rather than attempt to reinforce differences.

BBC Breakfast did a vox pop yesterday morning, the programme largely got a thumbs up and majority view of MCB was "I didn't vote for them, so why do they think they're speaking for me?". General disappointment on MCB refusal to condemn outright terrorist actions.
Totally agree with you- hence the parentheses around "Good works", as they're percieved that way by most meejah types.

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