Panorama (8 Mar 06)

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by FunkyNewBlood, Mar 9, 2006.

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  1. Anyone watch the BBC program about the lead up to the De Mendez shooting?


    'An army surveillance operative was positioned outside his home. The soldiers unit has had success whilst in N.I. At the time of De Mendez leaving his address the soldier was not observing or recording the area and could not communicate with SB officers as he was answering a call of nature'


    On a differnet note - KRATOS, now thats an Op name! Sounds like something out of Star Trek!

    *not an exact lift of the dialogue, but close enough
  2. I was hoping to watch it, but missed it. I was "answering a call of nature".

    Had a feeling it was going to be blamed on the Army. Bet he/she had a quick posting out!

    Anyway. How many opportunities were there between the house and the tube station for a positive ID to take place, but didn't? Did the Firearms Team have no idea who they were being deployed against (ie. a pic)?

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  3. 8O
    Posted my drivel elsewhere.
  4. According to the ancient Greeks, Kratos was the spirit of strength, might and power. He and Nike (victory), Bia (force) and Zelos (rivalry), were the winged enforcers of Zeus.

    Seems the Met plods like to stroke their egos. It's almost as daft a name as “Iraqi Freedom”, but not quite.
  5. I think that the squaddy brought the cake and the SB the arrse for the party.

    I thought the program was quite good - even if it did go on a bit about his family. It showed the pressures that the police were under at the time, so soon after 7/7 and 21/7, can you imagine if he was one of the bombers, I'd bet the public would of been really peeved off then. The program didnt really portray the timeline adequately to allow the 'viewer' to completly grasp the severity of the situation.

    It also didnt say if he was in the UK illegally. Or did it? I to had to answer a call of nature. The pan will be smeared for days.....

    Back on course. The fact that 5 rounds were fired in to his head - People should have a look around the world in places where suicide bombers have struck a number of times, like Israel, Russia etc. There is enough footage out on the net to show them exactly what the police are now facing on our streets. It is no longer a possibility, these people are here. Does the British public have tunnel vision or what? 7/7. I have seen the FEET pictures of the scene and it was gruesome. Why doesnt our news agencies publish those?

    On a final note - CO19? Seperate support unit of SO19?
  6. Its a Colchester postcode..:)
  7. good to see the int corps are up with the int....this thread was started last night...twice!

    "what road closure sir?"
  8. you really do have a bug up your arrse don't you??
  9. Call of nature- is that slime code for searching for "misplaced sidearm" in local supermarket?
  10. Yes. I know. But the issue is of interest to the Int Corps. Now go away and troll through the TA forum.
  11. :lol: :lol: ........hang on....... :oops:
  12. what's it got to do with int corps...the only Sldr who was there fcuked things up, and he wasn't even int corps, and if he was...well, in true tradtion of int corps, he fcuked things up...

    right, nuff said, i'm of to the TA forum
  13. f*cking walt
  14. i ..just a name change to CO ..something about being moved from specialist ops to command ops