Panorama-3 Commando hunting the Taliban (3/12/06@2215)


Starting on BBC1 @2215Hrs
"In Southere Afghanistan,a deadly struggle is intensifying between British Troops & the forces of the Fundamentalist Taliban"

Should be interesting viewing.....But from who's side?


frenchperson said:
Has work started on the TAP pipeline yet?

Who gives a feck about a pipeline!! It's the Lads lives I'm more concerened about!!!
But,judging from what I've seen so far,they're in a sh1t storm over there!!
Good luck lads......

PS,I hope bLair is squirming watching this!

Having not been to Afghanistan,it shocked me just how much the terrain & villages are like something out of the middle ages.The locals sound like they want rid of the Taleban & are doing all they can to aid our troops.But I suppose in the end,when we withdraw from there,they still have to live there & with the aftermath.
Mind you,it seemed to me that the Marine on the .5 was having a 'single shot' moment.
But did'nt Tony look queasy when chatting to the Marines back at base.
Good report, BigUn- shows the difficulties; cameraman deserves a bonus.

Well done the lads- doing a great job under difficult circumstances. I just wish I could have been one of half a million flies on the wall when they were talking to Bliar.

At the end of it, though, I feel sorry for the old guys caught in the middle, trying to keep their town intact. No easy answers.
I thought this was one of Panaorama's better docus - for once they seemed to have got the "balance" about right. The point made about the Afghani police and military was well made; like their counterparts in Iraq it is probably doubtful if they will ever be up to the job. Which brings into question the "endstate" of the entire Op


Those guys were giving it everything - well done we are proud of you. Not a bad program, although there was some old footage. They are doing an impossible task much better than anyone could expect.

Wonder if they all managed to bite their lip when Tony pais a visit.
Anyone know if this will be shown again, or is it available on the interweb?
Cool, thanks
I like milan in the Anti Personnel role. 3rds 3 kills, Bit pricy thou. Good film. Tonights show about dodgy EU passports looks quite interesting.


War Hero
No reflection on the Booties filmed, but I thought the wholepiece just questioned the credibility of the HERRICK mission. Long range firefights with a fleeting enemy, transitory presence on the ground, with Taliban regaining control once the Coalition forces move on. Heavy handed use of support weapons and air delivered weapons (1000 & 2000 lbs!) to deal with alleged Taliban at 500 m, destruction of houses and infrastructure - hardly hearts and minds! Weak, ineffective (underresourced) police and Afghan Army just fix us into this mess even more. Attrition of the Taliban will be a long and bloody struggle and we all know that military ops alone can never solve an insurgency.


The programme can be viewed again online here

It's hard to know whether the footage shown is representative but it seemed that as PensionPointer observed that long range firefights were inconclusive. I still do't think that 5.56 does the job at 500m especially when En is in even light hard cover. Is political pressure (over casualties) preventing the units from engaging the enemy more closely?

Bombing the place flat isn't going to win the villagers over.

And doesn't Bliar just make your skin crawl? "We need courage" he says! Good candidate for MILAN in the Anti-personnel role methinks.