PANORAMA 26/03/07 - AWOL Investigation

Just looking through the tv lisitings for next week and spotted this:

Mon 26 Mar, 8:30 pm - 9:00 pm 30mins

Investigation into the increasing numbers of British soldiers returning from Iraq and going AWOL, rather than facing life in the British Army. Featuring the stories of young men who return from battle so scarred and disillusioned they vow never to return even if it means going on the run.
Thanks for pointing that out. I've made a note. I'm sure that will lead to some hot and angry debate here on arrrse. Sad really as our troops have probably got enough to be angry about already.


No doubt yet another well informed, un-biased and well researched piece!
Lets face it, if a Panorama journo told you it was raining, you would physically go outside and check.
I think an expose of psychiatric services for the military would be a far more worthy subject area. Or am I being biased?
Just depends on the job you do, what you see and how stable you are in the first place. No doubt we are breeding our "Vietnam veterans" in Iraq and Afghanistan but without the solid (ish) structure of the US veterans hospitals - Blairs legacy...
Maybe if reporters followed the story's through saying what they see and not what they think should be seeing according to THEIR tactical assesment more of the issues would be seen and possibly dealt with.

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