Panorama - 24th July

Currently on BBC 1. It is looking into Afghanistan and the 90% of heroin on UK streets being produced there. Not a bad bit of background information for the future.
Seemed odd that the farmers where saying that they and their families are starving and that the only crop that earns them money being the poppy. Yet the Americans on the program saying the British concept of Hearts and minds not working and thus start stripping the fields.

I can understand the frustration, certainly when you look at the prodution figures over the last 4 years, but surely these things take time lot of time and effort. The fact that the country is "the size of France" and there is not enough resources to target the players makes me suspect that we are just scratching the surface.

Nice bit of honesty at the end:

Reporter: "How long do you think we will be here"
Diplomatic Drugs team head: "Years and years"
What was it 250 000 addicts which cost us £15 billion in crimes done to feed their addicts .Why not just buy the poppy and give it to the addicts saves a small fortune . .War in drugs just seem to be an excuse for blokes who couldnt cut it in the real army to drive around in 4*4
body armour and assault vest and sun glasses hassling peasents .
Unfortunately it's yet another example of the spams having no idea whatsoever about dealing with foreigners. The locals grow poppies as they make a decent living out of it. If they grow something else they go broke and starve (no welfare state after all) as no-one would want to buy anything else they produced - the lack of infrastructure etc makes the transport costs prohibitive. Hearts and minds make no difference whatsoever to the economics. No Afghan farmer is going to starve himself and his family so some idiot in a country with a standard of living he can only dream of won't stick a needle in his arm.

I don't think the locals care who buys the product - offer 10% over the odds and we could get the lot. The farmer's happy, and we buy some time to rebuild the place and put an alternative economy in place. We can also then go after the exporters and put them out of business.

What I fear we'll do is spray the crops and let the locals starve. Only they won't, they'll grab their weapons and come after us. And welcome the Taliban back to give them a hand while they're at it.
USA, UK have a drug problem with certain elements of their society.
Instead of sorting out this problem at source the answer is go for the producer and leave your own social problems alone.
Wonder what a compulsory drugs check for EVERYONE on the government payrole would produce ?

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