Panorama 20:30 hrs Mon 26 Mar 07

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by D.I.S.C.O, Mar 26, 2007.

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  1. "Soldiers on the run: Investigation into the increasing numbers of British soldiers returning from Iraq and going AWOL, rather than facing life in the British Army"

    Should be interesting, as the only clip shown on the Beeb news, was of an individual who's reasons for going AWOL were the boring tasks, done in Bks.

    Now they're one thing I don't miss about the job, but going AWOL, for sweeping leaves/painting vehicles etc I don't think so.

    Watch and shoot !!!
  2. AWOL records are never deleted.

    So goodness knows where they're coming from.

    Remember these are statistics i.e. Lies and Damned Lies.

    Anyone out there got access to CCRIO, to give us the actual figure AWOL since sand replaced painting dry grass green etc
  3. Yeah should be interesting. I've never tolerated anyone who goes AWOL, most of the ones I came across used family problems as an excuse hoping they would get sympathy.

    We all had to do the mundane boring tasks in camp - same as any job really. Defo not an excuse to go AWOL tho.

    I expect the BBC editing team has done a bit of overtime with this one - we'll see.

    BT. :shakefist:
  4. Here's what the blurb for the programme says


  5. Just watched BBC six news about this, they interviewed some bloke who was AWOL, sat in the back of a VW Golf, and first clip had number plate blurred, on second clip there it was in full view, surely a mistake by the BBC, anyone know if th eold bill can use this to pick him up :?:

    Second bloke went AWOL due to being on Queen's Guard, back to back Exercises and due to the fact that his Gran had died, so he took matters into his own hands. :frustrated:
  6. Like the bit about the army's prison in Colchester :D

    When I was there, I was told it wasn't a prison; it is a Miltary Corrective Training Centre :thumright: :D Still had bars though.
  7. Those figures will never be released, but this just say they don't match with the figures quoted by the BBC. I'm also happy to add, that to provided enough bed spaces at the Motor Cycle Training Centre. They would need to first empty it, with no new admissions except those listed as of today and running it on a 28 release day cycle, the place would still be full of Absentees in over 8 years time!!!
  8. Noticed that too.

    I suspect a PNC check will be done on it, regardless, and either the Old Bill or Local RMP will be knocking on a door.

    Good drills BBC, compromise their own, or 'accidentally' revealing Pte Anon's PERSEC.
  9. Another classic non-story based on manipulated facts and limited investigation.....

    .....but don't let the truth get in the way of a good headline, hey BBC?
  10. Seen it in advance, eh?

    I prefer to wait : then I can throw better-aimed brickbats.
  11. The Daliy Mail said that 11,000 awol's had occurred since 2001.

  12. Teaching sensible (coff) drinking?
  13. "Why you sleeping in the back garden son?"

    "Cos it fecking stinks of brummie pi55"...........would have been my reply!
  14. PMSL.

    Or "Cos my mate's a nutter who claims he threw a copper down the stairs to his squat, by grabbing his MP5"

    Yeah OK.

    Edit for mong typo.