Panorama 19 Feb 07 - For Queen and Country

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Modfather, Feb 19, 2007.

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  1. Check out Modfather's link. According to that BBC story, the Armed Forces Minister, Adam Ingram, quite rightly concedes in an interview that the Government should have acted sooner on inquest delays for service families.

    BUT some of the extra resources allocated to the Oxfordshire Coroner for service-related inquests are about to run out. Staff contracts not being renewed, etc. Yet no mention of it being made easier to reassign inquests to other coroners, or to Fatal Accident Inquiry procedures in Scotland.

    This is one of BAFF's vanguard campaigns, about to move into a new phase. We'd appreciate your comments on issues raised in the programme.

  2. In the small print of the link
  3. Do families have to pay all their own expenses to attend the coroners inquest? If they do this must be unfair and most certainly unfair if in order to attend you have to pay for your own overnight accommodation. As a civilian I presume your more likely to be able to attend an inquest near your home location? Must be most expensive if you live in Scotland
  4. More about the discussion and phone-in programme, Radio 5 Live after 10.00 pm, to follow the Panorama programme on BBC1 TV at 8.30 pm:

  5. Panorama programme is on BBC1 at 2030 tonight, Mon 19 Feb.

    Radio 5 Live discussion and phone-in shortly after 2200.
  6. I've had to record it so I can watch it later. I only hope there isn't too much of the insufferable Jeremy Vine in the programme.
  7. "Those troops died for nothing..." the verdict of some of the bereaved parents.

  8. Nige,
    That is not true, not all of the parents shared those sentiments.
  9. "One of the most inept Prime Ministers in living history". said one of the bereaved parents. I doubt he'll find much disagreement with that comment.
  10. Sorry, you are quite correct, not all of the parents agreed with that comment. Very, very sad program.
  11. I thought Mr Hyde and Mr Hancock spoke eloquently.
  12. This might hurt..Sven I agree with you!

    Adam Ingram on the other hand looked a complete Tw@t!

    I shed a tear on that 'letter from beyond the grave'.

    Made me appreciate what family and friends go through while we are out there.
  13. A very sad programme ,Mr Hyde spoke very well .A few points hit home .