Panorama 10.35 Tuesday night Homeless ex-servicemen

Ex serviceman, Ken Halmes, takes to the streets to find out why on any given night, up to 1,000 homeless ex-servicemen are on the streets of London.

You never quite know what you will get fron a BBC documentary featuring HM Forces, but I shall be watching this with interest.
Sorry, should have read Tuesday 22nd.

My appaling eyesight is to blame.
Thank you.
The Radio Times has a review of the programme:

Ex-Forces and Homeless Tuesday 22 April
10:35pm - 11:15pm
Despite its title, this documentary, though well-intentioned, is all over the place, and could just as easily be called "Ken Hames Confronts His Demons". Hames is the former Army man turned motivational speaker and leader of the Beyond Boundaries TV expedition. Here he takes a difficult subject and doesn't do as much with it as he should. Hames tells us that on any one night there are 1,000 homeless veterans on London's streets, though I don't know how he knows this. He talks to some former servicemen who have slid into alcoholism and despair after leaving their particular band of brothers. Their stories are heartbreaking. But we drift into Hames's problems with his father and his struggles with what he identifies as post-traumatic stress disorder. "I'm kind of opening my heart and saying I'm facing the problem." And we wish you well. But you're not homeless, are you, Ken?
I have to say my first reaction to the OP was "1,000 ex-forces on London's streets?" This doesn't tally with the numbers produced by the charities that work with London's homeless population. I'd like to know where he got that figure from.

From a document produced by Crisis in 2000:

The Rough Sleepers Unit estimates that around
1,200 people sleep rough on the streets of
England every night, round about 6,000 every
year (Rough Sleepers Unit, 2000). This would
mean, at most, that 360 people with a service
background sleep on the streets every night –
less than 2,000 every year – and these numbers
are going down.
The full document is here for those who are interested:

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