Panic buying / stocking up

Silly geese were parked all along the A31 blocking the junctions, would have been nice to see their faces when they eventually get their to find the garage has already stopped selling fuel.

I hope they chimp out and kill the barstewards walking back to their cars with Jerry cans.
Silly geese?
Crivens by jingo you're a bellend.
Maybe @stacker1 has some contacts with keys to the POL dump?



Well it looks like a perfect storm is brewing here….. the queues started at 0615 (according to HiD looking at fackbook), even though the fuel station didn’t open till 7. (Well 0703hrs as about 15 people typed their frothing anger).
So now the entrance to the supermarket is blocked for food shopping pushing people to the smaller shops who are being stripped fuelling panic buying as the shelves are emptying.
Then I predict the fuel will runout again opening the road to the supermarket, but because the smaller shops are empty and the heard is panicked they will rape the big store.
The perfect storm

update I was wrong No Mad Max… there was a marshal directing traffic so the area didn’t jam up like yesterday also the local Shell garage have put out they will be getting a delivery in the night ready for the 0630 opening, but limited to £30 A head.
According to the wife who went to Shrewsbury today two fuel stations she drove by were out of fuel.
….. the long haired CO has just informed me that the local Morrisons have just ran out of juice too, good thing Shell have a delivery for tomorrow.
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Has KFC run out of Chicken again?
Silver linings and all that.
You know it makes sense...
Yes, HGV's not being able to re fuel would be very ironic & show the bellend fcuktard panickers at their best
Started by the MSM proving once again what a bunch of c***s they are. Create the panic that they can then report on but at the same time screwing up so much of the country, negatively affecting so many people.. W@nkers the lot of them.


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Bollix. I've just moved heaven and earth to get this out of WhatsApp from nipper on phone, to OneDrive, off OneDrive onto PC, find this thread, and here it is already. Twunt ;)
Going to have to get the train to work Monday, no fuel around anywhere near me

Bloody panic buyers


I wonder how many of the muppets currently barging their way to the fuel pumps are either blue rinsers or the school run types who probably have to drive a couple of miles a day at most.
Most are tail end Charlie emmets down here, bloody idiots moaning about the long waits for fuel etc, because they are the ones shagging causing the queue in the first place, turbo mongs all of em.
Was going to drive to Cambridge for lunch and, having not been willing to queue at Tesco’s on Friday, thought I’d get out early and grab some fuel as on the red. By 07:15 this morning there must have been 60+ cars queueing so thought **** that and will watch Wasp v Bears instead. Having looked at some MSM news feeds what really bugged me was a picture of some knobhead filling 5 Jerry cans in the back of his car. Why? Just simply why? There is no fuel problem but by **** we can make one,
Just angry now.
Shepton Mallet Tesco 8:15 this morning was a 10 min stop - and that was from joining the queue to pulling off the forecourt with fuel purchased


No fuel at my local and the tank guage is broken so they can't accept deliveries until it's fixed
My sister just sent me this FB link of Bicester Tesco petrol station.

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