Panetta memo on Obama's order to 'get Bin Laden' made public

Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by singha61, Apr 27, 2012.

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  1. Hindustan Times

    A hand-written memo in which US President Barack Obama authorised the Navy SEALs team to "go in and get (Osama) bin Laden" at his hideout in Pakistan one year ago has been made public.

    Obama's orders to the Navy SEALs team had been to "go in and get bin Laden" and to "get out" if the
    Qaeda leader was not in the Abbottabad compound, according to the secret memo handwritten and signed by the then CIA chief Leon Panetta made public by Time magazine.

    In the April 29 memo, Panetta, now Secretary of Defence, wrote that he received a phone call from National Security Adviser Tom Donilon who told him the president had "made a decision with regard to AC1 [Abbottabad Compound 1]."

    "The decision is to proceed with the assault...The direction is to go in and get Bin Laden and if he is not there, to get out," the memo published by Time magazine ahead of the first anniversary of the May 2 killing of bin Laden, said.
    Panetta further wrote in the memo that the timing, operational decision making and control of the raid was in the hands of Admiral William McRaven, in charge of the hunt for Bin Laden as commander of the Joint Special Operations Command.

    "The approval is provided on the risk profile presented to the president. Any additional risks are to be brought back to the president for his consideration....Those instructions were conveyed to Admiral McRaven at approximately 10.45 am," he wrote in the memo.

    In a separate report on the last days of bin Laden, Time magazine details months of secret and difficult discussions in the White House before Obama made his decision, one on which he was "betting his presidency" to send US special forces inside the Pakistani garrison town to get the world's most wanted man.

    The Time magazine report said family life in Abbottabad was a "source of genuine solace" for bin Laden, who was staying in the compound with his three wives and children.

    The report said bin Laden believed deeply that polygamy and procreation were religious obligations.

    He often repeated a saying, attributed to the Prophet Muhammad, that "Marry and increase in number because with you I increase the nation (of Muslims)."

    Panetta memo on Obama's order to 'get Bin Laden' made public - Hindustan Times
  2. Was the phrase "no sucker messes with us badass Kenyans" used?
  3. Meanwhile, in UK, we're still waiting for details to be published, of similar decisions taken a generation ago.

    That's one of the biggest differences between 'the oldest [smuggest?] Parliamentary democracy in the world', and a country founded from day one on the principles of gunmint for, of and by the people, and the freedom of information.
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  4. Well it's going to be part of Obamas reelection commercials you know. Already the Obama campaign has a commercial saying Romney would never have authorized such a mission.

    Romney would not have killed Bin Laden, implies new Obama campaign ad - ABC News
  5. I don't doubt it. Nor am I surprised. In truth, I think that kind of cut'n'thrust is healthy and long-term productive,

    Here, we're stuck with gunmints who (advised by Sybil Serpents) believe that we (who elect them) need to be protected from information that would allow us to understand the decisions that they have made - which, presumably, most of us would - were they properly taken - support, enthusiastically.

    Or not.
  6. Curious timing or what! Surely He would not stoop so low as to politicize our national security.

    Wait a minute....I forgot the "Chicago Way" governs His administration. Silly me.
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  7. like any other president wouldnt be doing the same ?

    "sorry I couldnt find my birth certificate too busy killing bin laden" a nice way to make trump look stupid.
  8. Donald Trump doesnt need anyone to make him look stupid
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  9. Of course that is the point is it not? It is disingenuous at best to go beyond the legitimate reference to the successful op and say what any other person would or would not have done--especially when all the facts and circumstances available to Him are not declassified.

    It is that "bridge too far" that separates His use of the incident for political gain from that which would be legitimate.
  10. I reckon Barry's got this election in the bag, well a freezer bag under his desk and is just waiting for the right moment to wave OBL's noggin about on Rachel Maddow while singing Camptown Races... still might be too subtle to up his numbers in South Carolina.
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  11. it'd be unusual if he didnt use it as no-one on either side of the political divide thinks killing OBL was a bad idea so its not something you can argue particularly effectively, even if you say you'd have done exactly the same you just inadvertently call him competent. obama lost his holier than thou image some time ago and is just another politician so this shouldnt come as a suprise to anyone.
  12. Holier than thou! We've just had the secret service, hanging with the hoos.

    I reckon Barry has Beyonce and Scarlett Johansson bumping and grinding round the oval office in nothing but corn syrup while he hoovers up a mountain of charlie off Presidential seal.

    Next up the campaign's promotional video "I got 99 drone strikes and that Mormon bitch ain't got one".
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  13. Just watching The Hunt for Bin Laden. That **** Wolfawitz wanted us into Iraq in 2001. Rumsfeld was talking shite about not recieving requests for extra troops for Tora Bora, the US military guys told a different story. It really could have been over much sooner.
  14. Indeed--President Clinton had several good opportunities to get OBL and would never authorize it. The irony and humor now is that he is now on the stump for Him saying what courage it took to order the mission. Politicians have no shame.
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