PandaLOVEs still go it..... have you?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by PandaLOVE, Jan 14, 2009.

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  1. "Duff, oh yeah"!

    This morning I was in work when an elderly woman of about 80'ish walked in. I offered her my assistance then after an utterly pointless meandering conversation about her tennis ball sized dog she suddenly gazed up and through a distant glazed expression said those immortal old people words, "You've got a lovely head of hair". Thankfully she didn't come out with that other old people favourite where they actually ask the question..... "Haven't you got a lovely head of hair"? To which the answer is always, "Awww, shucks".

    "Hmmmmmm". I thought. Walks without a walking aide, that's good, a slight mauve tint to her hair (honest), that's expected and no doubt surprisingly moist due to my flowing barnet...... "Duff, oh yeah, 30 bucks an hour".....

    So, any other ARRSER's in their 30's or 40's who could still pull like ole' PandaLOVE here? And how old would you go?

  2. When I was 19 I did a 42 year old. That was quite a while ago.

    I lived in a ' Rest Home' for a couple of years, my ex wife worked there and the owners wanted out, so all in for free and I do my own thing, can't go wrong thinks eye.

    You have not lived, until you have seen an 80+ year old fat bird, fisting her arse, because, she is constipated. The mess she was making will live with me forever.
  3. back when i was 18, me and my pal fucked the most awful lookin old bird you have ever seen i shit you not she looked like fucking skeletor her skin was hangin off her was fucking rancid ....was an experience so say the least. she musta been knocking on 50 .. she'd had a hard life : )
  4. I'm in your age range. Up to try a bit of "Slug Love"? Come on you gayer, be a mate.


    Oh, and you are all piss and no wind.
  5. Snail Vs Panda.

    That would be one of the most bizarre animal porn movies ever! :D
  6. I still regularly slip a seventy five year old a quick one, well fairly

    regularly. Mind,she still plays tennis and is in fairly good nick. Have to

    grab it where you can at my stage of life.

    The most bizarre one was almost fifty years ago when attached to the

    Kenyan Army chasing the Shifta in the NFD. We'd been up there for about

    six months and as randy as goats when we visited Wajir and Paddy chats

    up the only woman in sight who happens to have just one leg. Well,

    any port in a storm boys and that's all I'm saying about that.
  7. Gollum's Song

    :? :cyclopsani:

  8. Sounds like a fair offer. Do you shave your tush? If not I'll have to shave it for you before any so called Slug Love.

  9. A hairy slug would not be a very appealing prospect.....
  10. My mate bagged a granny at the grand old age of 16, him not her. She was about 50ish (its hard to tell when your 16) and she had obviously lost a lot of wieght recently, she had skin enough for 3. and a face like a smashed twaat! he said she tasted like "wrong fish". Dirty horrid man.
  11. Are you still trying to get a shag sluggy? why don't you give it up as a bad job!! :wink:
  12. Why will no-one shag Sluggy? Does she have some horrible affliction or is the truth, as I suspect, that she is in fact the fictional creation of MDN, designed to lure randy men to his toilet cupboard and gimp parlour?