Panda in Amsterdam

A panda is walking though Amsterdam when he is approached by a lady of the night, she asks him if he would like to come to hers, the panda thinks great and follows her to a window box.

She gets undressed and lays on the bed. The panda has a little nosy around the room and nicks a couple of slices of the birds pizza, "Oi, come fcuk me!" she cries, and the panda dutiful obliges, after firing his bolt the panda makes for the door. The whore then tells him he must pay, and the panda looks confused, she pulls out a dictionary and points to prostitute; A woman that is paid for sex. The panda turns back a few pages and points to Panda; eats: Shoots and leaves
Heard the one where the panda shoots a corner shop owner about 6 years ago if that counts
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