Panasonic Toughbooks

Discussion in 'Hardware - PCs, Consoles, Gadgets' started by northern-matelot, Aug 1, 2012.

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  1. Having gone through a number of laptops over the last couple of years (5 laptops in 3 years- yes I'm accident prone and have dropped 2, 1 was jumped on by a mess member getting out of his bunk, one was smashed on a train with someone not paying attention to their luggage squashing mine and the last was blown up using a ships 115V to 240V transformer) I am thinking of getting something a little more sturdy like a toughbook, does anybody know if they are any good? I have seen them around my ship and look the business but do they hold up to their claims?
  2. They are very good and each one has different tolerances. First used a CF28 which is by far the most rugged and can be dropped off a table and work(we did this as part of the trials on Cormorant). Used CF19 and 51 which are up gunned and provide better performance albeit at the cost of reduced ruggedness in the case of the CF51.

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  3. We have used one for our service engineers who spend a lot of time throwing it around sites and it kicking about the back of a van. It seems to have held up well although the lack of USB ports has been an issue.
  4. The only one's I've used have been the issued ones, they certainly hold up well to alot of abuse, I did think of getting one for my last tour but I felt the price was a bit too much.
  5. Yeah I've also been issued one before on my last tour. Seemed to take an age to do anything and it was brand spankers new.

    On the plus side I didn't break it.
  6. We deploy with CF52s. They do the job.
  7. Given the price of CF52s, you might be better off buying three decent ordinary laptops and keeping two as spares...
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  8. As (4)T says, very expensive...

    Buy yourself a good laptop or even a netbook then purchase a descent case (ie pelicase or sea horse). For a couple of quid you can purchase extenstion leads with surge protection.

    That would ALL come in under the price of a toughbook and be more useable.
  9. I would echo CF's post that previously I've acquired ex Corporate Dell 620/630's and housed them in a suitable Peli case.

    Those Toughbooks certainly seem to be in a niche market & unaware of a decent competition unless they're bought refurbished.
  10. Apparently MACs can survive anything and.....just work (?), why don't you get one of those?
  11. you can't go wrong with a Panasonic Toughbook - so long as you make sure you purchase one of the models we use in the British Army - that way when your battery degrades, your port covers snap off, you lose your stylus or need some extra RAM you can find a Comm Sys Engineer from the Scaleys to be your best mate, and he will square you away with all of the above.
  12. Can’t argue with this. The one I was issued with was a bit basic but was unstoppable it just shrugged off that Afghan moon dust, with no dent in its performance. But for the money you would have to pay for one, I’m not sure it would not be better to go cheap and bin after tour/Ships deployment.
  13. Ahh, remember the days before soldiers had laptops?
  14. yeah - there was never a shortage of porn mags in the 'ablutions'.
  15. Do they leave laptops now?