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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Circus_Pony, May 19, 2008.

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  1. Anyone watching Panorama on the Beeb (1)? I have been yelling at the TV for the last ten minutes and need a lie down. You should hear the excuses the idle s***s are coming out with: "Ooh. I'm depressed; Ooh I can't move my fingers; Ooh, I've got PND..." But ALL are well enough to breed, wear designer clothing and smoke. AAARRRGHHH! (Apologies if this post should be on another board, just wanted to ask the question whilst it was still on...)
  2. 37,000 on the biff in Glasgow?
  3. Liz, confirm your locstat.
  4. Stop stalking me.
  5. Presumably the part of the 1 million slimeballs that liabor want to get off benefit and back to work?

    however if it takes almost a year of video evedence shownig a welsh fat minger who was claiming DISABILITY money from the DwankP before a court case and getting a suspended sentence! and the SOCA taking -------------4 YEARS ----------TO GET ENOUGH VIDEO EVEDENCE before getting a search warrant to close down a car ringing/stripping NIGERIAN gang.

    Sorry what was the question?

    Do you look at the tv?

    This is the the 4th or 10th program on the same subject. From another part of UK.

    What did yu vote last time???????????????
  6. Dale are you stalking Spaz, Liz, Moody, or ALL of them Now?