Panarama - A Good Kicking

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Baz44, Mar 13, 2007.

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  1. Is it me or do I detect a large amount of premedicated thought in this programme by the BBC. Given that the trial of the accused finished but today - this half hour programme had a large amount or reconstruction footage that in no way could have been shot today - call me cynical but I think this was a classic case of media hype because things did not go they way they wanted with the investigation and trial (the right and wrongs of which I will not comment), Funny how they also managed to include all other instances of percieved abuse within the same programme.

    May be I am just getting cynical in my old age about the fluffy leftie, lesbians that run the BBC these days

    Remember the media don't really care - its all about provoking thought, pricking public interest and making money (oh and viewing stats as well) - anyone who thinks they really care about the Iraqis are sorely mistaken.


    P.S The future piece advertised on AWOL soldiers... hmm they really don't like us right now do they! But we will all be watvhing to see what they have to say on the matter :)
  2. I ended up so disgusted I turned it off. It was pointed, aimed, biaised in the extreme and probably very misleading.
    The piece did not seem to accept a verdict from our justice system or many of the reasons many of these cases collapse; "victims" and "witnesses" being paid to provide "evidence" which later proves inconclusive or false.
    Very disappointed with the BBC, they have stooped to a new low - something I thought not possible.
  3. Like I added

    Remember the media don't really care - its all about provoking thought, pricking public interest and making money (oh and viewing stats as well) - anyone who thinks they really care about the Iraqis concerned are sorely mistaken.

    Love it when the media try and take the morale high ground - like they are perfect - I THINK NOT!

    Still more squaddie bashing because we cannot answer back - cest la vive - broad shoulders and all that :)

  4. Which is exactly why I didn't watch it.

    I already know the outline of the case and the outcome as of today so don't feel the need to watch ridiculous reenactments and half truths.
  5. Well, there's lodging an official complaint with the BBC, which I'm doing, not that it'll make the slightest bit of difference to future programming.
  6. Ditto

    But curiosity meant I was mildly interested how it would be represented and it was certainly put in such a way that because they didn't agree with the verdict - they were going all out to make their point - only it looked more like Eastenders than reality or maybe in the BBC they can no longer tell the difference - after all it just entertainment to them.

    Contrived to meet their own agenda! How does one get a TV Licence refund these days? :)

  7. Rather odd though that during the whole of the trial the defendants said 'I can't remember over 6000 times?
  8. As I mentioned above I didn't watch the programme deliberately and because of that I'm feeling calm and logical :meditate:


    The one irrefutable fact is than a man was beaten to death in British Army custody.

    And that disturbs me.

    Edited to add: ref skynet's comment - I was under the impression it was 6 hundred not 6 thousand times.
  9. Agreed - but no excuse for a programme this poor
  10. Skynet

    Come on we all know any trial these days military or civilian is no longer about the truth or British Justice - its about how good your council is at guiding you though the minefiled that is legal prosecution! May the best council wind and all that.

    Cost £20M and who profited from that - The MOD - NO, THe Army - NO, The Iraqis concerned - NO hold on ta moment....... The Judge - YES, the LAWYERS - YES, The Media - Yes

    Enough said


    P.S Yes a prisoner did die in custody and if guilty parties actions were OTT then they should be punished - but then the same should go for those who perpitrated the act that killed Capt Jones and we know that will never happen - its doesn't work both ways unfortunately.
  11. This programme has given me an idea for a board game for six players, similar to Cluedo.

    The characters are a corporal, a general, a Labour politician, an MOD official, a judge and a defence lawyer.

    The scene is a country manor house. The body of a servant is found in the study, bound up, hooded and tortured. When each blood-spattered character is successfully cleared of any involvement in the murder, it's the end of the game, and the purpose of the whole thing is to find out 'Whodidn'tdunnit'.
  12. Are you the servant? Please?
  13. Come on Crabby, give me something creative, like a name for the game, a marketing strategy, or some hard cash to help turn the idea into reality.
  14. No one said we are perfect most of all Us!
    Its the media who seeks to make us out to be so at times and then also pulls the rug when it suits or they disagree - its the way its been and always will

  15. I think before people start getting too shirty here they should wait for the judge's final judgement on the whole trial.

    The vast bulk of the programme was based on evidence that came out in court. That is the only way the BBC could have done it, and they were right. I am not Jacko's greatest fan but he was very measured and absolutely right in what he said on the programme.

    A handful of people did something appallingly wrong that shames the tens of thousands of soldiers who would not think of hurting a prisoner, unless of course you think that hey it was AOK to beat Baha Musa to death, or even to beat up the others involved, and someone did that. [The human choir was as bad as if not worse than anything we heard from Abu Ghraib.]

    Who most of those people were may remain largely a mystery but it doesnt somehow mean that no crime took place and if you think that should be kept quiet and swept under the carpet then you should ask to be given a fresh brief on the rules of armed conflict.