Panamax 2005

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by exile1, Jul 14, 2005.

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  1. The annual exercise for protection of the Panama Canal starts next month and Marines from many counties are taking part. Even the Frogs participate and given how vital this facility is to shipping from maritime counties [ie Britain], why don't we have forces on this? An Observation party at least [given our forces commitments elswhere] would have been better than nothing.
    [ don't think there is an OPSEC problem on this post as it's publicised in local papers in Central America.]
  2. Well as it was a joint US/French effort to get the think built I can understand why the Frogs go there but why would we want anything to do with it?

    Its not as if whats left of our blue sea fleet would have much need to go down it in time of war.
  3. we may need to go through it in order to attack Argentina from the rear, if they decided to do something silly again and manage to blockade the Atlantic route to the Falklands
  4. I suspect we may have a few of our frogs down there, but it wont be publicised.