Pamplona Bull Run


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Only 14 killed since 1924? Who the feck trains these bulls anyway? Personally, I'd let them smoke a few crack pipes before sending them into the streets to hunt spaniards. Oh, and I'd give them some Boudicca horn spike additions too, like maybe modern ones, by strapping on some chainsaws.

They carried rolled-up newspapers as a tool for gauging how far away a charging bull is

Personally if a newspaper is all you need to detect how close the bulls are then they are way to close for me. Its not like you can use a rolled up newspaper to swat the bulls away if they get within swatting range.

(should I be adding an RIP or an outrage at this point?)
(should I be adding an RIP or an outrage at this point?)
Not really. The run is played by Darwin Rules.
In fact we should have several runs like that through crap towns in Britain.
They should run bulls through Biggs market Newcastle at pub closing time at the weekends. It would soon clear the streets leaving the police to get on with dealing with real crime.

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