PAM 45 and the CCF

Discussion in 'ACF' started by Pitster, Nov 20, 2006.

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  1. Quick question for you. I've seen an old copy of PAM 45 and noticed that the CCF are scaled for one copy per contingent. I know the CCF are the future officers and the ACF are not, but I just wondered why?
  2. I'm not sure what pam 45 is, please do tell

    but a shot in the dark is that CCF contingents are individual units, hence have a unit number. the ACF equivalent is a county, whereas a detachment can speak to coy to get a copy of the pamphlet, the CCF cannot as they are independant of each other.

    ^^ probably wrong but that's my guess, however like i said, I've no idea what pam 45 is.
  3. Fair point.

    Pamphlet No.45 Part 1 is 'The Infantry Platoon (General)' and Part 2 is 'The Infantry Platoon (Basic Tactics)' and the ACF isn't scaled at all, at any level of the organisation, according to the Distribution.

    I will admit that it's an old copy (1994) and we don't really need it, as everyhting is in the Cadet Training Manual, but the CCF is scaled for this as well!
  4. No they are not; they are cadets.
  5. Don't take me so seriously ;-)
  6. If that was true then may god have mercy on our souls.
  7. Thats like saying the ACF are to thick to be officers??? some are yes i agree but many do cross over to the dark side and do a bloody good job when over there, gone are the days where being an officer was your birthright now everyone can have the op!

  8. No, its like saying they are teenage cadets.

    The End.
  9. I think you need a proctologist to remove your head from your A Hole. Not exactly promoting good relations between ACF and CCF.
  10. Dont worry. there arent any good relations between the ACF and CCF.

    Theres a lot of relations, or inbreeding in the CCF though, many being the scion of Captains and majors of the Donkey walloping regiments
  11. Two words for the CCF that might send the them taking for cover and that is HAIR CUT.