PAM 21 Ammendments?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by HVM_Boy, Jan 4, 2007.

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  1. Hey,

    Is there any way that I can check what the latest ammendment to PAM 21 is?

    And if there is a new ammendment out how can I get one quickly?

    Yes, I know ammendments should be sent out to Formations > Regts > Sub Units but this is simply not happening... weel.. it certainly isnt happening in my TA Regt.

    I have been asking our SPSI for a almost year to see if there are any new ammendments out, and he keeps on trying to get an answer from RHQ but to no avail. Is he being fobbed off by regt? And if so why?

    I'd have thought that if an amdt came out to PAM 21 or the AOSP they should automatically be sent to all units and/or locations? And regt would want to keep their pers legal.

    For the record I currently have Amdt 4, and have a range package coming up soon. Usually the Range Warden can supply an updated PAM 21 upon request, but that is being a bit jack on my behalf....

    help please...?

  2. Spoke to a QMSI SASC today Amdt 4 is the latest addition...Have fun
  3. I take it you have Amdt 1-3 as well...
  4. yes, i do have a fully ammendended pam.
  5. The whole of Pam 21 has been re-written & is going to get published sometime this year. The best way to get ammendments or replacement pams is just phone the civvy in Trenchard Lines, Upavon direct with your unit UIN.