Pam 21- Amendment 2

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Boxy, Mar 14, 2011.

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  1. Just got an e-mail through informing me of the above and highlighting a major change.......the declaration has 'evolved' somewhat.

    Just a word to the wise to lookout for it...well those who use it!
  2. the declaration is the normal " I have no live rounds or empty cases, pyrotechnics or parts thereof" with the added " I do not knowingly know if someone else has any" or words to that efect,

    PAM 21 RASP has also changed in february and you need to amend those, should be online on DII somewhere

  3. Do tell us then

  4. just have!
  5. Almost....

    “In accordance with Queen’s Regulations firers and members of the range staff are reminded that it is an offence to leave this range (or exercise area) with live rounds, empty cases, pyrotechnics or parts of pyrotechnics in their possession. Furthermore, firers and members of the range staff are reminded that it is also their responsibility to ensure that other participants are conforming to this declaration and breaches are to be reported directly. A declaration is to be given to the RCO by all percipients and range staff stating that”

    “Sir, I have no live / blank rounds, empty cases, pyrotechnics or parts thereof in my possession and I understand that I must report anybody in breach of this declaration to the Chain of Command”

    Another change to the RASP/EASP? I know about the safe persons, safe places and dual signatures....
  6. Away from desk at the moment watching crap in the attic or other banal shoite so cant lay my hand on the PAM, yep you are right, the headings have changed massively. There is going to be a ton of fed up people who copy and paste with the old ones.

  7. msr

    msr LE

    I wonder why the army does not have a range-o-tron website, where you plug in the details of your live firing and it produces all the irrelevant and pointless paperwork for you?
  8. All irrelevant and pointless until it goes tits up.

    And speaking from experience it helps alot when AINC and LAIT get involved :)
  9. So I ain't gone none on me, nor me opo boss doesn't comply any longer then
  10. There must be truck loads of paper work for ranges lying around. Why cant you e mail your RASP/EASP to the relevant range control and they keep it. It would be electronically stored with the date and time it was sent. I t would make save money and trees, if ther were an incident the LAIT team could look at via a PC instead of a nirex.
  11. How dare you suggest a good idea, now go sit in the corner with all the other good ideas and repeat afer me "I will not use my common sense"

    You could always use group drives :) Oh wait I'm doing it too I will not use my common sense,I will not use my common sense,I will not use my common sense,I will not use my common sense
  12. i sat down once and worked it out for filemaker pro its not that hard to do, then i realised some staff officer will see it and then claim it as his own work (has happened before, stole a gems idea of me and made a lot of money). So I sacked it.

  13. I've missed this one when did dual signatures for a RASP come in, just looking through the PAM now?
  14. My God a forum for training wing personnel to fight over Pam's ...what ever next !

    Just keep the rounds and feature on one of those posters next to the Amoury

    ..Private Bob...2 years for.....
  15. About June/July last year,

    It should be in the amdt 2, it was circulated as an e-mail from SASC with a covering letter stating to come into effect immediately and would be included in the next amendment.

    It includes heading changes, to tie in with Risk assessment phraseology e.g. Safe Persons instead of appointments, Safe Place and confirmation that you have either carried out a range Recce or are familiar enough with the range to just contact the range wardens.