PAM 19 (?) Range Safety, anyone got it as a pdf?

I think it's PAM 19 that you need for range and gun position safety?

As you may be able to tell, given that I can't even remember what it's called, I'm in need of revision and my copy is several hundred miles away.

Anyone got an emailable version they could send me please?

Thanks as ever.

Back on the scrounge again chaps.

Despite valiant efforts, and half a day I now owe her capbadge, Sloosy was unable to get PAM 19 off the system and onto an email that could be sent to me.

Anyone have it stored locally with access to email, without the puny DII attachment limit?
I'll have a look tonight, but I'm not sure if it's one that I have in an e-mailable format. If not, I wouldn't mind a copy meself.
Sorry FB I have just checked, I have most of the others but not that one.

So basically, if you do get an electronic copy, can you copy me in as well.

Leave it with me - when do you need it for O_A?


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