Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by engee, Aug 29, 2006.

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  1. what a bunch of * can see why israel likes to hit heavy, having to put up with this shite. the whole world press telling big porkies and no one would say anything against the poor opressed muslim brotherhood in palsetine. however, when allegations were made on telic (daily mirror- the iraqi prisoner getting filled in in the back of a DAF) our bosses were on the tv APOLOGISING before they even knew if it was true or not. id like to think our big bosses have as much balls as the israelis but i doubt it. makes you wander about a lot those so called peace protesters that have been killed out there (remember the girl who was supposed to have been flattened by an israeli bulldozer). what this also shows is that some journalists are a bunch of morally banckrupt parasites willing to do anything for good copy. ive met loads of journalists on numerous ops and ive yet to meet one that wasnt a *.
  2. Reuters itself does not have a bias as a whole, but individuals do. When there is a Muslim doing something about the current conflict, odds are he will have a bias against Israel.

    Hezbollywood - Beirut Reuters Photos fraud

    Green Helmet acting as cynical movie director in qana


    Reuters and other MSM outlets can't be unaware that that its Arab stringers have their own loyalties and are not above slanting their reports. They just don't care.

    There's a bit of a difference between using a local stringer's report of a forest fire with a minimum of fact checking and using a local stringer's report of sectarian violence when the vast majority of those stringers are from one of the two factions perpetrating the violence.