Palistinians getting diddly then?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Plant-Pilot, Jan 30, 2006.

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  1. BBC News Story

    Well if their policies and history is anything to go by...... it looks like all aid is off.
  2. PP, you just watch - there will be apologists in the EU who will try and continue funding these people. I do know the money is to supposedly to keep the Wheels of Admin going, but I wonder if the EU are now liable to prosecution under Funding of Terrorism legislation?
  3. [​IMG]

    Interesting. Note how the BBC inflates the EU's supposed contribution by including the World Bank and UNWRA contributions under the EU total, to make it look like the EU is doing so much more for Palestine than the US. Take these two figures out, and the difference drops to a mere $38 million. You might then ask yourself how many of the other undescript figures also have nothing to do with the EU? Or, even if I am incorrect and these figures represent EU contributions by a the World Bank and UNRWA, why are the US's contributions via the World Bank and UNWRA included?

    Remember -- the BBC can always be counted on to be unbiased, except when it's being pro EU, anti-US, pro Muslim, pro Palestinian, anti-Israeli, pro minority, anti-English, pro socialist, anticapitalist, etc etc etc...

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  4. Nah, Gorgeous George is giving his Celeb BB winnings to the cause so all's sorted then.... meeeow!
  5. I was always cynical about the Isreali decision to give the Palestinions more power and self legislation,I reckon they were just giving them more rope to hang themseles with.

    Hamas winning the election was probably playing into the Israeli hands,nobody can complain when they re-enter Gaza to `Protect`themselves,as no way will Hamas stop shooting untill they get what they want, a Free Palestine.

    The peeved at the Israelis,every time they put millions into the Palestinian Airport they destroy it!
  6. I am sure the Saudis and or the Iranians will pony up the funds the PA needs.
  7. Well the US are on line to cut their contributions due to the legal aspects of providing funds to an org that is, to all intent and purposes, a terrorist organization. The EU, if they actually stick to their own policies, should do the same.

    Just remember..... A terrorist that is elected, is still a terrorist.
  8. Perhaps the EU gives them money via the World Bank / UNWRA? I'm suggesting that the EU gives the money to these organisations with the direct purpose of them passing it on to the Palestinian Authority. What makes you think the money is given to a communal pot for the World Bank / UNWRA to distribute worldwide as they see fit?

    On your general point of BBC bias I think you are probably right - but I've emailed them twice about mistakes and they've always made corrections.

  9. Considering the 'Holy Cause' of Palestinians and the length of time that things have gone on, the Middle Eastern Arab states have not put their hands too deep into their pockets in the past. Economic means are the best way for Israel to tie them down as Palestine has no real economy that attracts investment or overseas funds from sales.
  10. Now that the Pals cannot work in Israel like they used to (pre-Intifada Mk II) and are under their own democratically elected leadership, they need now more then ever to invest all the funds they can get into forming industry and a proper education system in order to move forward. To miss this chance will just leave them in their own quagmire.
  11. Shalom Arik!

    As you know Palestinian police, secret services were formed by FATAH. Shortage in money will help HAMAS to disband these structures and to form new ones from HAMAS's men. Later or sooner HAMAS will receive money from EU. As to quagmire then HAMAS can say that it is a result of the occupation.

    You no doubt have heard about HAMAS's attempts to form 'coalition administration'. Why do you think? I suppose that the administration will confirm previous decision about recognition of Israel's right to exist. But HAMAS as a political party would not make this move. They could demand for example that not only government but ALL Israeli political parties must recognise Palestinian right to own state.
  12. Ahalanwasahalan!

    I am sure that sooner or later the PA (controlled by Hamas) will receive funds from western sources regardless, as well as receiving monies from other arab states in the meantime. The question is whether they put this money to good productive use for which it was intended.
    Also IMHO, I think it would be more in the Pal interests to form a coalition administration.
  13. Just a point: why should the Palestinains acknowledge israels right to exist if Israel doesn't acknowledge Palesteins right to exist?
  14. The Arabs give just enough money for the palestinian terrorists to continue their fight against Israel

    Most money given in aid to the pals has been stolen by corrupt pal scum. The pal leaders need their people to be poor and not content with their lot.

    Lets hope all aid is stopped.

  15. Might is right. Thats not a criticism of Israel it just how things are.