Palin thought Africa was a country

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Psypher, Nov 6, 2008.

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  1. Well according to Fox News (spit) anyway.

    Take it with a pinch of salt, but she does come across as thick as a wale omelette.

    And so does the reporter, what on earth is "knowledgability"!?
  2. Yeah, but you have to admit she is cool and punk as fcuk!
  3. It sounds like McCain staffers are trying to put the blame on anyone but themselves. Considering that her state borders Canada and she has participated in many issues relating to transport, gas pipelnes etc it is extremely hard to believe she does not know about NAFTA.
  4. Sophisticated U-row-trash.

    You're all fools.

  5. Is anyone else just a little bit disappointed that our chance of fighting in the third world war has been snatched away?
  6. Oh I'm sure a trip to Darfur is now on the horizon.
  7. I'd engage with you in banter mate but anybody with a real education knows that Ovid is far better... :wink:
  8. During the run up to the election a US TV team went down Harlem and asked who would you vote for ?
    All answered Obama.
    They then asked do you think he made the right choice in his running mate Sarah Palin ?
    All answered Yes .
    I was told my American friends that down Harlem the Republicans where telling the man on the street if want to vote for Macain vote on Tuesday 4th, if you intend to vote Democrat then vote on Wednesday 5th.
  9. Ovid was a fairy.
  10. and I bet her spelling's crap
  11. He's got a point, Ovid probably lifted quite a few tunics in his time. I prefer Horace or Catullus myself, but they were all toga tugging batty boys.
  12. I'm with MotorMan on this.Who cares what she knows or dosen't know.
    She is why the term MILF was dreamt up.
  13. Have you got a link on this? I haven't been able to trace anything.
  14. Your starting to sound like Sven. Not a good move. :)
  15. South africa is a country maybe she got her words taken out of context by the media who hate republicans and milfs that have a filthy look in thier eyes and enjoy using firearms in bikinis.. sorry what was the question