Palin does a runner

Discussion in 'US' started by Spank-it, Jul 4, 2009.

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  1. What the hell was wrong with her speech today. It has to be one of the biggest pieces of diatribe I have ever heard from a politician.

    Long winded, back tracking nonsense. This speech of hers is just going to get ripped by the media, and rightly so.
  2. I thought it was something to do with Michael (not peado Jackson) Palin

    Since it's about some septic....I couldn't care less.
  3. Well let them rip. I listened to it and found some very salient points.

    First off she has been inundated with allegations and complaints by the “left” of misuse of her office. She has been exonerated of all, but spent time and money (tax payer funded in some cases) defending against them.

    Second, her points on natural resources and the recent passing of “Cap and Trade” out of the house were telling. I’m not sure she is running for President. I think what you will see, and I’m guessing here, is a campaign against Cap and Trade and expansion of Federal Government.

    By removing herself as governor she has the chance to unleash on the Dems without damaging the office.

    Go back and listen to her speech and you will note a concentrated emphasis on natural resources, followed by a remark to do the work of the people both in Alaska and the Untied States.

    With the TEA parties looming this weekend and her resignation she is playing a good game. Her story will be played all weekend long.
  4. You could be right, maybe I got the wrong impression because I saw it on CNN and with their editing she comes across as a bit of an idiot.
  5. CNN edit Palin to look dumb? Not like they've ever done that before.....

    The fact is that the Dems have been scared of SP ever since she appeared on the national stage, so decided to destroy her both politically and personally. Smears, slurs, nuisance ethics suits. And yet they respond like stuck pigs to every (usually true) criticism of their f*cking Messiah.

    And they claim that the Repubs are the nasty party...
  6. And I see the DNC statement has been characteristically ingracious.

    But, seeing as it's clear they orchestrated the campaign against her & her family, it shouldn't surprise that they want to stick the knife in & twist it...
  7. Palin is an opportunist - albeit a more ignorant and incompetent one even than Bush. No doubt she was chased out of the governorship by scandal. If not, it shows poor character to quit - what would she do as POTUS?
  8. As much as you are a capitalist
  9. Any pics of Palin getting her back doors kicked in?

  10. See the investigative piece Time did on her, which proves the point. :wink:,8599,1837918,00.html

    And I am a social democrat, although it has no relevance to this topic - but that never stops you, ctauch.
  11. there's a porn star that dresses up like SP in grubble films, can't remember her name but she was in the latest Eminem music video
  12. It seems that she and her staff were spending so much time dealing with nuisance ethics claims from DNC surrogates that she couldn't do her job as governor.

    Resigning seemed like the honourable thing to do. But watch the DNC whinge like toddlers if it ever happens to one of theirs (not that the GOP would stoop that low, they seem to have at least some principles other than "we must destroy the other party and win at all costs".)

    Frankly, given the amount of entirely made up sh1t that was flung her way from the minute she was nominated GOP VP candidate and has continued since the end of the campaign, I'm surprised she lasted as long as she did.
  13. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Lisa Ann as Palin, the grumble flick is called 'Who's 'nailin Palin', and its quite amusing :D She double teams a couple of 'Russians' in 'Alaska' at the beginning, then there are various U.S. political figures parodied in subsequent scenes.

    All of which I am sure is far more interesting than normal Septic politics.
  14. Obviously you don't know the difference between socialist and social democrat - but, as always, nuances escape you. :roll:

    Don't suppose Obama being on the cover has anything to do with his newsworthiness - like him or no. And Time is not known for being left wing. Just admit it - you don't like what was found out about Palin.

    As to your silly personal attacks, they reveal much more about yourself than about me.
  15. Well, there is a new career for Palin perhaps!