Palestinians use duff notes, Egyptians sell them duff items

Interesting example of brotherly love

Basically, many of the Palestinians who recently poured across the border into Egypt to buy goods unavailable due to the Israeli embargo, used counterfeit Israeli money to make their purchases. However, the Egyptians also failed to play fair, reportedly selling food and other perishable goods to the Palestinians that were past their expiration dates.
The Egyptians raised prices by some 400%,according to media reports(I think the BBC quoted this figure).

Nothing like ripping off you fellow muslim.

The Egyptians (and the the Jordanians) have never had much time for the Palistinians.

That's why the Gaza strip is not part of Egypt.
_007_ said:
It's their culture innit.
Hmmm that particular turn of phrase sounds rather familiar...favoured by a rather notorious ARRSer who's disappeared of late...

Unfortunately your signature phrase gave you away there. :wink:

Anyway, Bugly/ViolentBadger/007, I hope you're alright. :p
Somewhere on another thread It was asked why, over the years, the Arabs can't seem to win decisive battles - I believe this shows just one of the failings for Arabs

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