Palestinians to get Russian aid

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Apr 15, 2006.

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    Gaza police stage violent protest

  3. That is wrong of Russia. Let the people see that for a long time they have been supported by aid from Europe, Israel and America, the owners of the very embassies they attack whenever they're feeling a bit miffed. They put Hamas into power, Hamas were intent on causing trouble therefore let the people suffer for their decision and they might just boot Hamas out of power.

    Russia are paddling in affairs they shouldn't, they're still a global power, we don't need reminding by them fcuking up another middle eastern country (not claiming that we've not)
  4. What should the West do in this situation?
  5. Tell Russia where to get off, in diplomatic terms of course.

    If not I'm sure the words overstretch won't even be in the vocab as we launch assaults on Palestine, Israel (why not?) and Moscow...
  6. Israel? Israeli payments were a part of signed agreement. They are a compensation for unpaid custom paiments. Do you really think that Palestinians 'see for a long time they have been supported by aid from' Israel? On what planet do you live Crabby?

    So the plan is clear enough - remove Hamas from power by financial blockade. It will not work.

    Your reccomendation would be taken into account. However, unlikely it will be accepted.
  7. My point was that Israel *could* have not given any money at all. A financial blockade may work, people demand a better life at the end of the day and Hamas are unable to deliver because of their views on terrorism
  8. The Palestinians may have voted for the wrong party and a highly manipulative party at that. But the Boycott is not going to help matters, can't remember the percentage exactly but in Gaza unemployment is running at 60%, the boycott of direct aid is going to hurt hundred of thousands of ordinary Palestinians who rely on the state for employment. The boycott could easily be turned into a statement of the west punishing the Palestinians for voting for the 'wrong party'. Also such a negative attitude continues amongst western powers, it will only strengthen Hamas's position amongst the Palestinians and turn a vast section of Palestinian opinion against the west.
  9. Hmmm. Kick out all the people that employ others, that have the skill sets etc to run working businesses and then be surprised at high unemployment. Mugabe - Hamas etc. I'm just surprised that anyone's surprised.
  10. indeed. If poverty worsens, they'll blame their traditional enemies, rather than analysing why things are the way they are and voting for a party other than Hamas
  11. I fear that former US president Carter disagrees with you

    Crabby, according to signed agreement Israel has to transfer monthly tax payments.

    So now Israel 'withholds' the payments that it must make.

    Assaults on Palestine... Always done.

    Assaults on Israel? Your imagination is much better than my one.

    Assaults on Moscow? How it possble? In what forms?
  12. Sergey, did I sound totally serious about assaulting Moscow? Surely you've spent enough time here to pick up on just a smidge of sarcasm. I know they don't do sarcasm in "Moscow" (southend) but you could at least try... *sigh*
  13. Let them cut off aid but they'll regret letting Ahmedinejad get his chequebook out instead.
  14. You won. I has been fooled. Indeed your posts contain clear marks of sarcasm.
  15. I remember good old Corona, the sort you drank and not smoked and there was orangeade and lemonade but very seldom tried the russianade. Remember it being red though. You did pay a high price for it and it left a very nasty after taste which lingered for decades. Wonder if things have changed?