Palestinians Burn Synagogues.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Letterwritingman, Sep 12, 2005.

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  1. Palestinian's, not content with hiding Terorists in in probably one of the most holy Christian sites in Israel (according to texts freely available) burn Jewish Synagogues. Luckily our Police, will take off their shoe's and give notice of any entry to a Muslim Place of Worship?

    Images reminiscent of Krystallnacht?
  2. Everything would work out in the Middle East if the Palestinians and the Israelis would just start acting like good Christians.

  3. Simpler still shoot all the Palestinians; not even the other Arabs (Generic name for Nomadic Tribesmen) like them.
  4. The Palistinians can burn what the want. Sharon will ony give up what he considers impractical to defend/hold and the rest of the world can go and whisle.
  5. Just heard a report on Radio 5Live, said that Isreal had left the synagogues intact as to demolish them was forbidden by Jewish(Talmudic) Law.
    Nice to see they knocked all the houses down though, not scorched earth at all !!
  6. Thats right...........

  7. No one in them , The Synagogues had been "de-consecrated" or the equivalent Jewish ceremony I believe. So as such, just buildings now. Sharon famously remarked , when various hardliners were trying to wind him up over Saddam "If a missile falls in the Negev , who gives a sh*t , but if one drops on Tel Aviv , stand by" or words to that effect.

    As JW says , Sharon knows what he can hold, and what he can't. With reduced American handouts , he's having to adjust his suit to the cloth available. There are more decisions coming the right-wing Jewish element won't like , especially the "More Jewish than the Jews" element , with their South African and New York accents. Change is coming.

    The fact remains, that the rest of the Middle East knows Israel punches far above it's weight, and of course, there's those Nukes that they haven't got. Let the Palestinians have the bits they need to live and restart their economy.

    Only one question more important than land. Who controls the water?
  8. All these occupied land withdrawls certainly have taken the emphasise off of the 'new berlin wall' that the Isrealis have been busily building all along their internal borders with Palestinian areas.
    One wonders what the hell are they thinking building that wall?
  9. Water is what cuntries will fight for in the future. China is taking it's stance on the major rivers that pass through it territory, as the old enemy the Viets will soon find out.
    I rember the Isrealis fighting over the River Jordan in the 60s before I joined up.
  10. Security?.........
  11. If you're referring to the synagogues in Gaza, the Israelis were planning on destroying them themselves until it was decided by rabbis that it was against the faith to do so.

    (C)The BBC

    The destruction of the synagogues by the Palestinians was predictable and I see it more as a cat crapping over gardens to mark out its territory than anything more sinister. Well, anything more sinister than the pledge of a large number of Muslims to wipe the state of Israel & all Jews from the face of the Earth, that is... :roll: :wink:
  12. Fair comment except for the fact that the Palestinians attacked and burnt one of the Jewish Holy sites and vowed to do so again and again 'cue usual arab rhetoric' 5 years ago.....they've also hidden terrorists in the Church of the Nativity.
  13. Ok here's a question.

    Once the Palaistians are back on their feet, how long before they head off down the local tanks'R'us, bomb up, work out an agreement with jordan and egypt and Re-enact the Yom Kipour war?

    Then the arabs will get another good shoeing, and we'll be back to square one... right? Only differnce is This time round the M1 abrams will meet another western style tank.. the Mekarva.
  14. "This time round the M1 abrams will meet another western style tank.. the Mekarva."

    Er sorry I missed sumthing.
  15. It seem to me that I have heard something like this... Yes, yes, final solution... alas partilly realised.