Palestinian Terrorism Expanding?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Letterwritingman, May 14, 2005.

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  1. Officials: Palestinians arrested
    Four Palestinians were arrested in connection with a deadly bombing in eastern Baghdad the day before, Iraq's Interior Ministry said Friday.

    This qoute was taken as from part of a link from another thread.

    Does this make Pestinian Terrorism a target for T.W.A.T now that they are deliberately targetting Forces in Iraq?

    Lets see them try to cry 'Wolf' or 'Jenin' now.
  2. The Palestinians as a whole have traditionally "backed the wrong horse".

    They came to Saddam Hussein's "aid" in 1990 when he invaded Kuwait. You can imagine the warm reception the Palestinians received when the Kuwaitis got their country back...

    SSDD ;)
  3. Nice logic, some French people collaborated with the Nazis during WW2, but Frane as a whole wasn't a collaborative nation.
  4. If anyone was really bothered, perhaps one should consider if they were actually Palestinians, or merely Palestinian passport holders??

    There are still many parts of the world where you can buy a passport for less then the price of a poor bottle of whiskey.

    Before I retired, I got my last one in Mostar for DM25 :wink:

    < still who ever let the facts get in the way of a decent air war??
    In phase one "Chuck" Horner's successor in CENTAF will inflict a campaign of "shock and awe" on the Palestinian Air Force, followed by a massive assult on their industrial, petrochemical and telecommunications infrastructure
  5. I heard somewhere that not one of the suicide bombers in Iraq has been an iraqi. Can anyone back this up or deny it? If it's true, it thoroughly demolishes the "they're fighting for the freedom of their country from US imperialism" claim of the left.
  6. TP from this side of the fence it looks a little bit different. When we invaded Kuwait, almost the only people who put up any resistance against our invading army were the Palestinians. As stateless people with their backs against the wall, many thought they would get some form of recognition or recompense from the Kuwaitis by helping to defend Kuwait.

    How misguided they were.

    We were also aware that a number of westerners were being hidden in the communtiy in Kuwait City. Again, our sources always indicated that it was the Palestinians who were looking after these people; not the Balluchis, not the Phillipinos and certainly not the Kuwaitis!!
  7. You can imagine the warm reception the Palestinians received when the Kuwaitis got their country back...


    The Palestinians were getting a 'warm reception' from the Kuwaiti Police and Secret Service a long time before Saddam said 'I fancy owning Kuwait"