Palestinian attempted murderer shot dead.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Letterwritingman, Feb 5, 2008.

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  1. A Palestinian terrorist who was so determined to kill Israeli women he was happy to walk into a shopping mall, the usual haunt of Israeli Security Forces and Politicians as everone knows and blow himself up spectacularly failed on both counts. Unfortunately for him he ended up shot dead by an Israeli copper. Met Police please note, suicide belt clearly seen. Arab apologists go for it! :wink:
  2. you cant use the actions of one clearly disturbed extremist as an excuse to bomb/kill/maim/opress/starve/beat and gennerally dry rape and entire group of people, regardless of wether your the chosen people or not.

    notice how this is the first attack of this nature in a while, and pretty much coincides with israel tightening the screws once more on the palestinians.
  3. i in no way condone the suicide bombings, but i in no way condone the actions of the zionist regime either...they are just as bad as each other, just one has tanks and jets..the other has RPG's and AK's
  4. Is it not possible that the two murderers were accused of 'Dry bumming' each other and in order to take the pressure off their Egyptian friends, Hamas having caught the two 'lovers', decided that loves young dream should wander into a shopping precinct and blow up some women and children? try doing that in Clacton market.

    5 rounds only..........feck I thought we suffered under Defence expenditure cutbacks.
  5. Actually it coincides with the Egyptian border going down giving them an in through the Sinai.
  6. Mentioned in the Washington Post

    "Police said they killed a second attacker before he had a chance to detonate his explosives belt"

    "Dr. Baruch Mandelzwieg knelt down and ripped open the jacket of a man critically wounded in a suicide bombing, ready to begin emergency treatment. He cleared the victim's airway, then was struck by a shocking sight — an explosive belt"

    Pretty obvious that Gaza Militants are crossing the border into Egypt for the access to Israel. They been doing it for years.
    The news has been airing the footage of it alot, good shot is all I can say.
  7. The Beeb has just shown the Policeman shooting the second injured bomber.
    The Police officer acted correctly in my opinion.
    And I am no fan of Israel.
  8. But your'e not talking one are you? There are countless thousands of them just itching to be despatched to paradise by some gun toting member of Gods chosen people... anyway, enough about UK, lets talk about Israel.

  9. Good drills to those to the Israeli Security forces

    I'm not a fan of Israel's current apartheid-like treatment of Arabs and palestinians, but these are issues that need to be addressed by the Politicians and Civilian leadership of Israel.
  10. Its simple... the second you choose to strap on a suicide vest you become a legitimate target in all and any circumstance.

    May the terrorists concerned rot in hell with the rest of their dead satanic ilk.
  11. What would have happened if that was in UK? Did the policeman have a issued yellow card? Did he shout a warning? What of the H&S stray rounds? etc; Was the correct PC used? Was the aledged suspect given his Rights? Was the bomb belt his are you sure he was not looking after it for a big boy that had run away? Was a chemical check done on the aledged exposives prior to opening fire?
    A copper in UK would would have gone on an extended lunch break. :?
  12. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Yeah thats the peace loving people who voted into politics Hamas. Sorry but they've made their democratic choice now they can pay the price.

    Palestinians are the chavs of the world. They bring nothing but trouble and we'd all be better off without them. Name me something, anything positive that a palestinian has ever done?

    But of course its all the Jews fault. :roll:
  13. well we voted in Tony Blair so your "they made their democratic choice" argument means that we would be a legitimate target for terrorism. And you can hardly condem a country that has been oppressed since 1946 for not producing anything meaningful.
  14. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Sorry arby but its not a country and never has been. The Gaza strip was part of Egypt and the West Bank used to be Jordan.

    Yep the UK did vote for TB and we've paid for that choice. The same applies to the Palestinians. They made a choice and can't now complain about it. Whinging useless tossers who do nothing but leech off the rest of us and whine when they don't get their god given right of a free lunch. The Chavs of the world mate.