Palestine - British forces compared with Israelis

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by on_leave, Jul 18, 2009.

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  1. Just read an article about the behaviour of Israeli forces in Gaza, showing appreciation of the British forces there in the days of the mandate:

    "In retrospect, one can only be glad that the British soldiers, who fought against the Irgun and the Stern Group, did not have an ethical guide like Kasher."
  2. So the British Army were proper gents in Palestine? That's strange. Look up 'Orde Wingate', 'Special Night Squads', and 'Roy Farran' for more.

    And bear in mind one other key difference. When the British Army lost in Palestine in 1948, they just went home. If the Israelis lose, where do they go? You'd be pretty hard-core and brutal if you think you had a choice between fighting and extinction as well.
  3. I agree with "weekend" on this.

    Some heroic actions by our lads on the odd occassion but on the whole a real feckin mess.
  4. hmmm.....everyone always seems to forget that it was the irgun and haganah who were blowing up British personnel and wonders why we support Israel.
  5. The Irgun and Hagahah were two entirely different things . " The hunting season " mean anything to you ?

    Yeah I often wonder why we supported West Germany during the cold war what with them invading Poland and everyone elses country and that :?
  6. Support Israel, thats a joke -- people seem to forget 1946 - King David Hotel bombing 91 people killed, was this the thanks we got for freeing so many of them from the German Concentration camps one year before.

    memories are short.....
  7. Read spanny's reply...maybe we shold break off relations with Germany considering they acted like a complete load of pricks in 1945...a whole...year...before 1946.

    Perhaps we should not forgive anyone that has wronged us in history, im sure that would be productive.
  8. We'd have no mates :D
  9. ?

    Not quite so dissimilar I believe? Those named in the Haganah are four Prime Ministers of Israel, indeed most Israeli prime minsters have been involved in Anti-British operations..

    Also your attempt at sarcasm seems to fail as it has no relevance. Perhaps you would enlighten me as to your example.

    I'm not being at all anti-semitic in this post, or espousing beliefs that Israel should be eliminated. Just saying while we may forgive, we should not forget.
  10. Forgive not forget indeed, but bear in mind we're British; creating an empire doesn't leave you many friends. How many nations have we screwed over? We can't be so choosey with our friends, especially in the Middle East. Having said that, I'm sure being friends with Israel impressess no Arabs.
  11. Gosh you're really in to the wikipedia mate

    For your information you might like to know that former members of the Irgun like Begin weren't allowed to run for election in Israeli elections for many years .

    BTW do you feel the same for any politician in the Irish Republic since they're almost certainly alligned to a party that was founded by either Michael Collins or Eamon De Valera ?
  12. worrier - "When the British Army lost in Palestine in 1948". No, the British Government told them to leave which is different. The small issue of a looming or actual UN resolution may have played a part.

    Generalissimo - Desperate people, desparate times.
  14. No they shouldn't . The guy is obviously a bible bashing nutter
  15. Sorry mate, couldn't quite read the small print there is there anything you can do to make the letters bigger?