'Pale Rider'- will the Spanish Influenza resurface

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Riddickulouse, Jul 3, 2017.

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  1. Advice though remains to have it.
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  2. That's the advice you tried to give to Mr Daley
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  3. Not heard of that, can't find it on google??
  4. This article on NHS choices would appear to differ..
    Vaccinations - NHS.UK
  5. Think was three types of virus covered but of course they are dead so people cannot get the real 'flu' from them.
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  6. Yes.
    The post vaccination temperature and feeling ill, are the body's antibody response to the "killed" virus.
    Given my response, I have a great immune system.
    Mind you, I need it working in a surgery.
    It's like Russian Roulette, just walking through the waiting room.
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  7. I worked in a surgery for years, think you get super immune.
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  8. Definitely
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  9. Maybe I had it backwards...
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  10. D'oh!
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  11. Maybe you are backwards :)
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  12. C'mon, it wasn't that bad!
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  13. Bad.
  14. Or funny