Palastine Paras, any kosher info?


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I just thought it was worth raising the history of my uncle.

He dropped into Palestine with 16 Brigade (I think) and spent two years in the area. He was captured and stoned by the Jews after a mission went wrong and the officer who he was with was killed; as well as this he was in an RTA resulting in the death of the daughter of a local prince/sheik. Various missions he was involved in were not traced as far as I can find out.

My cousin met up with a group of old Paras post 11 Nov a few years ago who when they found out the connection were forthcoming with some info but my cousin is a civvie so his information is not reliable.

I tried the airborne forces museum but they went strangley quiet.

Anyone have any idea of how to go forward?
You could always try the Parachute Regiment Associations (PRA) as they have many old boys in their ranks. There are loads of branches throughout the country. You'll find them all on the Internet. At least you'll get the info from the horses mouth so to speak rather then the 'official version'.


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There is a section in the Book Postwar Counterinsurgency and the SAS 1945-1952 which relates to Palestine 1945-47. If this is the period you're talking about there dosen't seem to be much info about nor about ops in Greece 1945-49.
Mate, I was going to suggest the same as Mike above, the <britains small wars> website is a fascinating read any way. Good luck with your search.


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maninblack said:
I just thought it was worth raising the history of my uncle.

. He was captured and stoned by the Jews

Anyone have any idea of how to go forward?

What did he do, say "Jehovah"?

If I were you, I'd try links to the People's Front of Judea...


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Sorry MiB, couldn't resist it.


6 Abn Div were in Palestine up until the end of the Mandate. They'd been diverted in '45 when they were embarked and on their way to invade the Japanese home islands.

"Captured and stoned" sounds odd, though the Irgun did capture and flog some British sergeants (in retaliation for some of their members getting the lash from British authorities) and did capture and hang some British police officers (sometimes referred to slightly inaccurately as "British officers") after the execution of some of their members by the Mandatory authorities.

Their experience was summed up by some graffiti on a wall in Tel Aviv:


(and in other handwriting)

While it's a long time since I've seen it, there was a book called 'First In' by Ron Kent, the history of the 21st Independent Parachute Company. The books takes the Company through the war and up to disbandment in Palestine.

Although part of 1st Airborne Division, the Company ended up in Palestine with the 6th. The whole book is a great read, written by a bloke who was an early member and (possibly the last) CSM in Palestine.

The Palestine chapter is pretty full and does give details of incidents and attitudes although I can't specifically remember which. Might be worth a punt.


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We had a CSM who's first posting from basic as a Para sprog was Palestine. He lost half of his index finger thanks to a booby trap - I think he didn't like Jews much after that
My uncle missed WW2 by a few weeks (still in basic) but went to Palestine with 6 AB. He remembers the Orange Grove murders and developed a lifelong hatred of Jews.


My grqandfather was with 6 AB. Royal Irish Rangers. Has no great love of the Red Sea pedestrians.

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