Palace Barracks Memorial Garden - website advice appeal

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by still21inmymind, Dec 27, 2007.

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  1. I have copied the appeal below from another forum. If anybody can offer the help / advice required, please PM me and I will forward Albert's phone number.

    Dear Friends of the Palace Barracks Memorial Garden.

    I am for the first time in 14 years , asking for some help and advice.

    As you know the memorial garden and the website is run on a voluntary basis and everything to do with that side of the garden and website is fine.

    I know find that I am being asked more and more to go around various organistaions ( Families Groups,Schools,Colleges,Associations etc)and do presentations on the memorial garden,Its history and and all those men and women of the armed forces who are remembered in the Roll of Honour, who lost their lives in various actions world wide.
    As well as doing guided tours around the garden.This normally takes about two hours.All this is done free of charge My only aim is that those families who have lost loved ones will know that I will never let their names be forgotten.wether it be Northern Ireland or Iraq,

    I have started to make up a power point presentation with names ,photographs of memorials and those brave men and women who died,to help me with letting people know that their loved ones will never be forgotten . I need some one out there who can help me to make it more proffesional on the finer points. i.e Scrolled Roll of Honour to music and how to put every thing down on disc

    The very besty of luck to you all for the New Year.

    Memorial Custodian
    Palace Barracks Memorial Garden.
  2. First of all many thanks for all his hard work.

    Any idea of the length of this pp presentation and any preferences to a style etc?
  3. None at all I'm afraid, as I said I copied it from another forum to give it the widest possible audience. It is a good website and IMHO deserving.