Palace Barracks, Holywood, Belfast SC/CTC Checks

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by armylad212, Sep 23, 2010.

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  1. Hi guys ive recently went to the AFCO at Palace Barracks in Belfast, Northern Ireland ive filled in all the forms and done my B.A.R.B test however the recruiter handed me a Security Check / Counter Terriost Check form ive sent them back a few weeks ago and still have not heard anything has anyone got any ideas how long they would take to come back and what i should do to see about things ?.

    Also would anyone have any idea what the 1 Day pre ADSC is like and the real ADSC for enlisting in Northern Ireland.

  2. Well ,i'm going through Palace Barracks at the minute.I'm not sure about the Security Check / Counter Terrorist Check but my recruiter sorted that out for me himself,maybe because am from the south not sure.
    About the Pre-ADSC,you land up about half 8 and you will get a brief.You will then do heaves and a jerrycan can walk,then its onto the warm up and 1.5 mile run.After that there will be a short break and then move onto the ice-breaker,you will then get a debrief on the day.

    I can't comment on the 2 day ADSC as i haven't been.Just ring your recruiter and have a chat about the security form issue,he will let you know lad.
  3. Cheers for the reply mate. Your lucky mate ya didnt have to fill one in took ages. lol seems simple enough for the Pre-ADSC like see the 1.5 mile run is it a spint or simple jog ?. Good luck for it then lad :) hope u get into your chosen reg.
  4. I recieved one of those CTC forms and never heard anything back from my recruiter and have my intake date, I reckon if your clear to go you'll never hear about it again and obviously if your into you paramilitary ways you'll get a no-no!! The 2 day selection at Palace is quite relaxed if you ask me, you'll do your run and all the other fitness tests plus a session in the gym on the first day, usually after dinner.. then you have the night to yourself to prepare for interview and grenade test the following day, make sure you dress smart from the moment you get to Palace to the end, I was in my suit if I wasn't in overalls, I've said this before but just make sure you put in 110%, this interview is for you so make sure you get stuck in ;-) any other questions, give me a pm,