Pakistani Talibs behind the attempt of a terror act in NYC?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, May 2, 2010.

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    By the way, taking into account bombing campaign against Taliban controlled areas in Pakistan, one could ask some questions.

    - Have the Talibs right to react? Likely yes.
    - By what means? By demostrations, protests only or by what exactly?
    - Where could they act? Only in Pakistan? Or also in Afghanistan? Or elsewhere including the USA itself?
  2. A similar article on Sky News.

    Is this just the Talib's trying to get some more publicity? I'd have thought they would have put something less-amateurish together.
  3. I fear that it is only a first step - a warning, a message to the WH. I suspect that this attempt of terror act was intentionally made easily detectable.

    What would pres.Obama do if the Talibs would launch a wave of terror act, expolions in American cities with a slogan - stop bomb us and we will stop bomb you?
  4. A "warning shot" does'nt sound like the Taliban. More likely it was intended to do exactly what it said on the tin: kill as many innocent people as possible. The only reason it did'nt happen was poor skills on the part of the terrorists and the civilians/ NYPD being switched on.
  5. A Glennbeckistani?
  6. NYPD have said there is no evidance the attempted car bomb was connected to either the Pakistani Taliban or Al Queda.

    The PT statement claiming responsibility was probably an attempt to grab some free publicity...
  7. CCTV says bomber was white which doesnt rule out Islamist involvement... there are enough missfit caucasians with psychological difficulties who will convert.

    I suspect it may be a "Home grown" nutter doing a bit of free lance work on behalf of his muslim brothers.

    May still be right wingers but why The Bank of America rather than Goldman Sachs or something?
  8. I'd bet money on it being American government inside job. To keep ranting about terrorists and keep people in fear you have to keep having near misses and real incidents regularly. Else one would be shown to be a liar and there would obviously be no good reason to stomp around the world invading it and trying to dominate it now would there.
  9. WTC collapse on its own did it?.... :?
  10. You wearing your tin-foil hat?
    Probably some loony on a one-man vendetta or a group intent on 'bringing anarchy to the government.'
  11. Noraid are checking it out to see if it was a viable device or not.
  12. "Leaderless Resistance". Some fcuktard goes on the Net and learns enough to make a p1ss-poor attempt at a car bomb. No connection to AQ or any of the other Big Bads.
  13. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    From what I heard, it was all because South Park, who got Mohammed dressed up in a bear suit.

    Everyone knows that it's forbidden to show images of the Prophet Muhamed! How the hell they recognised him in a bear suit is beyond me, but apparently, they know what he looks like and he got recognised.

    Check the Telegraph - it's being investigated as probable cause.

    Yeah, you really couldn't make this sh!t up! :D

    Edited to add: To head off any accusations that I'm a half-witted bigot that's trivialising such a serious matter of racism that only takes us further from a truly peaceful co-existance as a multi-cultural society (here or in the US), I would like to just say - it was fcuking Cartman wot done it, so FU!
  14. Got to admit we haven't had a "oh that was close, good job we have all this security in place" incident for a while.

    Still whether this was amatuer hour or not the result is the same - we are all reminded that the bad guys are still out there trying to kill us all.
  15. Ageed. As an aside though, Glenn Beck (crazy right wing US talk-show host with a big following) must be praying that the reasons behind this guy's actions can't be traced back to him.