Pakistani city of 1.4m, Peshawar could fall to Taliban

Pakistani city of Peshawar could fall to Taliban as fear and attacks grow
When the summer holidays end tomorrow, the parents of 1,400 pupils at the Badabher Government Girls' School will face a difficult choice.

By Nick Meo in Peshawar
Last Updated: 7:22PM BST 30 Aug 2008

As fears grow over the Taliban's stronghold in Pakistan, insurgents blow up a girls' school in Peshawar. ;
Should they let their daughters go back to lessons in the rubble of their school, blown up by the Taliban in the middle of the night, or should they keep them safe at home?

Hashim, the caretaker who was held at gunpoint by masked gunmen, was warned that they would be back if the school is rebuilt. He fears that next time they could blow it up with pupils inside.

Yet this is not Kandahar, the Taliban capital of southern Afghanistan, but Peshawar - a city of 1.4 million people in neighbouring Pakistan, once celebrated as a cultural haven for artists, musicians and intellectuals.
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Given that they are surrounded on three sides (red is Taliban) as of 23rd August this year (map publication date), Peshwar is the natural next step.
Well. peshawar and the surrounding area like Mardan is home to the Pakistan army corps HQ. Dont think the PA will give it up that easily.

Peshawar...has always been the odd pakistani city. When i last visited i remember there being a police barrier which i was told not to cross as thats where the governments writ ends and the tribal customs govern the area. this was pre 2000.

Peshawar also plays a key part in keeping the ISAF supplied. It is stategically to important for the pakistani goverment and nato, for it to fall. Not to mention the public outcry that will damage the present govt.

I could be wrong, but if it did fall then things are really going to shit.

Although, (tin foil hat on) if it did fall, then it would spur the Pakistani govt into acting strongly as they would have the backing of majority of the pakistani people...and the army raring to go!

Maybe even make the case for indirect assistance from the coalition?

(tin foil hat off)