Forfeited the test eh? That'll learn 'em for delaying the re-entry to play.

I'm with the umpires.

After a 15 minute delay, the Wicket-keeper came out and sat on the balcony reading the paper. If that isn't thumbing ones nose at authority, I don't know what is.
The sportsmanship of Waqar Younis lives on.
They did biscuits, but by doing that and awarding England 5 runs, the Umpire has accused Pakistan of cheating. They took offence to this. How long before "Islamophobia" is blamed?
What is interesting is that SKY claimed yesterday to have identified a 10 minute period in which the ball was "damaged". During that period they said they had 26 active TV cameras covering the game, and that in the view of the commentator that there was an easily reviewable period of the game in which any infringment would be easily identfied. The shame was that they never re-ran the tapes. I would imagine that if you take out the times during which the ball was actually in play ie, being bowled, hit, or thrown back; that the amount if time would be less than 7- 5 minutes..... why not simply re-run the tapes?
Sub judice ???

Might get legal with lost revenues etc.
Drain Sniffer wrote:
"Dont Pakistan have a history of "ball tampering" ooer missus?"

Unfortunately, so do we. Just ask Michael Atherton.

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