Pakistan-Where next?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by muhandis89, Aug 25, 2008.

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  1. Given continued political instability in Pakistan,is there any hope for the place?
  2. Not really. The best policy is to, aside from diplomacy, sit and wait for it to all go to pot and then try to fix it. If we get involved now the usual suspects will blame us for someone else's mess. In the meantime we should have four or five years left in which we can restore some sort or order in Afghanistan, and build up their army to around the 200,000 mark so they can defend themselves. After that it's the long slow march north from Karachi.
  3. The good thing about Pakistani politicians is that they can be bought and the yanks are not averse to splashing the cash when it suits their policies.
  4. What are you suggesting with this last line? That, in 4-5 years time, Pakistan launches and invasion against Afghanistan that 'we' have supposedly turned around?

    I fail to understand your logic once again.
  5. No, I'm not suggesting Pakistan will invade Afghanistan. I'm suggesting that in four to five years Pakistan will have effectively fallen apart, and given the type of people that will be in what passes for control, our only choice may be to land in Pakistan and head north to, at the very least, recover their nuclear weapons and disrupt the training camps that are already being set up there. Having a secure Afghanistan as a 'backstop' will at least be some help.
  6. Methinks trying to recover nukes AFTER Pakistan has fallen apart may be a tad too late. :x
  7. Given the border and where the Pushtun are, I really feel we need to pick either Pakistan or Afghanistan to support as there's no way both counties are viable. My vote goes to the bunch with the nukes, for what are hopefully obvious reasons.
  8. I rather think it may be an idea to start some serious talking with India.
  9. While I've no doubt that's going on behind the scenes, doing it in public would be the worst possible move. Given the bad blood betwixt, openly inviting the Indians to interfere in Pakistani politics would at best extend the hostile area all the way south and could at worst set the whole area alight - the blue, glowing kind of light.

    I'd agree with OOTS on this one. We need to choose which country draws the short straw and gets the Pashtu problem. A foot in both camps is just too big an advantage to the bad guys for us to leave in peace. Pakistan seems the best bet, nit just for the nukes. It's also still a functioning state (just) with a strong military and the best bet for being able to impose government writ on the Tribal Areas. The Afghan authorities might not like it but somehow I can't see losing the Pash areas blighting too many lives outside of Kabul.
  10. Will Pakistan become even bigger problem than Afg-n what with Islamic radicalism AND nuclear weapons?
  11. Stronger ties with the Indians when the Pakistan situation starts to go South.

    The Paki's know that the West is, on the whole, fairly constrained when it comes to destruction on a mass scale. I would imagine that a fully Western supported India (who do not have such moral constraints when it comes to dealing with their neighbours) would be Pakistans worst nightmare.

    And besides that, I like the Indians far more than the Paki's. Worst mistake we made in that area was inventing Pakistan in the first place.
  12. It’s going to break up into at least three separate ethnically distinct 'nations';

    The educated, generally sensible (for the region) Punjab / Sindh.

    The very tribal, undeveloped and potentially gas rich Baluchistan.

    The Pashtun have already declared de facto Independence, or to be more precise have never really been paid up members of the Pakistan concept.

    The Pashtun will merge with the Afghan Pashtun – which is happening now with the assistance of the Taliban and the International community’s ham-fisted efforts.

    Both Pakistan and Afghanistan are better off without the primeval chaos of the Northeast Frontier Province and Afghanistan’s southern Pashtu, they are at least 600 years away from even aspiring to medievalism.

    The Nukes will stay where they are in Punjab/Sind.

    PS. I happen to like the Pashtun, I just have no illusions as to their inability to gel into ‘multiethnic & multicultural’ societies this side of 2300.
  13. I want sergeys opinion on this, maybe russia could get involved, they are always up for a bit of scrap....
    And the thought of oil and gas maybe the spams could get involved, fcuk it lets just have WWIII and be done with it.
  14. Problem with India,is that there are more Muslims there,than in Pakistan!!

  15. True, but they've no real cause to love Mother India since Muslims in India are even more disadvantaged than low-caste Hindus

    And of course, shit like this keeps happening. Or this, this and this.

    Yeah, you can just casually massacre 2,000 people, lie about it, threaten or kill anyone who attempts to investigate it, generally pretend it never happened then come back a year or two later to do the same thing that lit the touchpaper last time and their friends and relatives will still love their country.

    More in common with India? Oh, I really hope not. I'd like to be proud of my country, flawed though it is.