Pakistan warns Britain stop helping US 'Drome War'

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Rayc, Feb 8, 2012.

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  1. Rayc

    Rayc RIP

    It appears:

    1. Pakistan is livid at the killings of innocents through the Drone attacks as per their perceptions.

    2. Pakistan will support Iran.

    3. Pakistan wants Mr Cameron to intercede in these "war crimes" and "little more than state executions".

    4. There will be punitive actions by Pakistan to stop these drone attacks.

    What exactly can be the solution to ensure that the US' aim is achieved and yet, at the same time, Pakistan can calm their agitated people?
  2. Mmmm one small step nearer.
  3. are they not flown from Pakistan?
  4. one giant leap for nearer kind.
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  5. Rayc

    Rayc RIP

    The latest

    ABC News‎ - 1 hour ago

    Pakistan Holds Border Talks After Deadly US Attack

    The Pakistani army held talks with NATO and Afghan forces on Wednesday in an effort to improve coordination along the Pakistan-Afghanistan border, a sign of thawing relations after American airstrikes accidentally killed 24 Pakistani soldiers last year.

    Pakistan was outraged by the attack on two of its Afghan border posts on Nov. 26 and claimed it was deliberate. Islamabad retaliated by closing its border to supplies meant for NATO troops in Afghanistan and by kicking the U.S. out of an air base used by American drones.

    Pakistan Holds Border Talks After Deadly US Attack - ABC News
  6. Bloody hell, what's Bradford saying?
  7. Git tha' sandals on Padawahn...thur's trubble dahn't pit!
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  8. Stop aiding AQ and hosting Taliban training camps then, simple.
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  9. Considering we have the sum total of two of them!
  10. WTF is "Drome War?"
  11. Its like a war with Drones, except carried out by dyslexics.
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  12. tsop taknig hte spis, unct.
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  13. Exactly. They're already the enemy - they should shut it before they make the situation worse. Probably just a bit upset that the drones finally hit someone important.
    How thick anyway - stick with the country that we have so much mutual interest economically and militarily with? Or go with the ******* we're troughing aid to only to have them funnel it to the ******* blowing our lads up in the first place?

    No, cheers anyway Pakistan.
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